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Artificial Intelligence (AI)Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, particularly computer systems. Specific AI applications may include:
Expert Systems – A software programmed using AI techniques. Such systems utilize databases of expert knowledge to offer advice or make decisions.
Natural Language – A language that has been developed naturally as opposed to a constructed language, such as used by a computer system that is limited and not as free.
Speech Recognition – The ability for a computer to identify and respond to the sounds produced in human speech. It is also the capability which enables a program to process human speech into written format.
Machine Vision – This gives industrial equipment the ability to see what it is doing and make rapid decisions based on what it sees.
AI solutions are being used by many organizations on every scale. With its easy interfaces and access, any business can leverage AI to create more meaningful marketing campaigns, communications strategies, intelligent products and services, and solve specific problems…to just name a few.
For example, automated AI is popularly used by online retailers to make purchasing recommendations, which is a common use of AI consumers have already adjusted to. And for most, such recommendations are helpful without being intrusive.
With AI solutions available online and as easy to use as a search engine, small business owners are now able to access many of these services for free to help address customer needs, develop solutions, help write sales campaigns…and so much more. The resources are endless and are accessible easily with quick results.
As an example, fictional business SDP Laser Printers wants to create a sales campaign to target clothing retailers. The business owner can visit an AI site such as ChatGPT and type a question to ask about this strategy. For the purpose of this BLOG, we typed the following question:
“What is the best way to sell laser printers to clothing retailers?”
The AI response from ChatGPT is:
“When it comes to selling laser printers to clothing retailers, the key is to emphasize the benefits that a laser printer can provide for their business. Here are some steps you can take to effectively sell laser printers to clothing retailers:
1. Understand the retailer’s needs: Start by understanding the specific needs of the clothing retailer. Ask questions to determine their current printing processes, the volume of printing they do, and the types of materials they typically print.
2. Highlight the benefits of laser printers: Emphasize the benefits of laser printers over other types of printers, such as inkjet printers. For example, laser printers are faster, more reliable, and produce higher-quality prints, making them ideal for printing price tags, labels, and other materials that need to be clear and legible.
3. Focus on cost savings: Highlight the potential cost savings that a laser printer can provide, such as lower operating costs due to the efficiency of laser printing technology and the ability to print more materials in-house instead of outsourcing printing.
4. Demonstrate the printer’s capabilities: Show the clothing retailer the capabilities of the laser printer, such as its ability to print on a variety of materials, including cardstock and specialty paper, and its ability to produce high-quality graphics and images.
5. Provide excellent customer service: Finally, provide excellent customer service and ongoing support to ensure the retailer is satisfied with their purchase and can continue to rely on the printer for their printing needs.
By focusing on the benefits, cost savings, and capabilities of laser printers and providing excellent customer service, you can effectively sell laser printers to clothing retailers.”
This particular example is just one of an infinite number of possibilities AI solutions can offer to help bolster small business initiatives. Such sites can also serve as inspiration for new product growth, new markets and other expansion initiatives. Using AI can save small businesses money and time in that insight and research are moments away and can lead into new directions by which to obtain helpful information on important decisions.
Social media platforms, design programs, and management sites, such as Hootsuite, are also helping small businesses with marketing, public relations and communications initiatives. As an example, Hootsuite AI offers #hashtag recommendations based on subject matter, content for posts and messaging suggestions based on the goal or focus of the post. These resources are helping small business owners gain better traction from their posts, boost creativity, and provide guidance on the most popular and trending #’s for the subject matter…all the while saving time and marketing costs.
These are just a few, simple examples of how AI can be used by small business.
AI technology is moving fast and is a tech trend that is gaining tremendous speed and adoption in 2023. It is easy to access, easy to use and is an additional resource small businesses can implement now.
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