Benefits of Employee Self Service Portals

Benefits of Employee Self Service Portals

Employee Self Service (ESS) portals allow employers to store most employees’ personal and payment information in one convenient place. This helps to streamline human resources and the manner in which employees access their employment information. This self-service application is accessed through a web page and is very easy to use. It contains basic HR data for each employee including payroll, benefits, new hire information, accrued sick time, vacation time and more.

Benefits include:

ESS applications are simple for employees to view and update certain items such as contact information. Most are optimized for multiple devices so employees can access information at home, via a mobile device or from other off site locations.

Store employee data all in one place.
Storing information in an ESS system allows businesses to digitize most files, keep information safe and reduces space for file storage.

ESS applications help to reduce errors.
ESS portals function to help reduce human error that may occur when calculating payroll or changing employee information. Most portals automatically calculate hours worked, payroll and other daily time management to reduce the possibility of calculation errors occurring.

ESS portals help business owners and HR managers save time
Since the portal handles a majority of the basic daily tasks and data, managers and business owners have more time to focus on larger items.

Employees have more control
Giving employees more access to certain information helps them feel more engaged and in control because they can easily view, update and edit information. Access may include personal information, contact numbers, benefits, company policies, emergency contact information, tax withholdings and more.

Portals make for great communication tools.
Many businesses also utilize portals for distributing company policies, news and updates, time-off requests, as well as other internal communications.

ESS portals also help employees manage their benefits, enroll, and make any necessary changes. This function helps streamline open enrollment periods and makes this process much more efficient and accurate.

Ultimately, ESS portals make it easier for businesses to manage and track employee information while also helping employees conveniently access their own personal information directly.


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