Best Payroll Practices for Your Small Business

Operating a small business requires a team of experts to help ensure proper accounting, payroll administration and human resources. And in today’s fast-paced regulatory environment, keeping up with changes in reporting and regulations can be a burden on business owners’ time and efficient business operation.

We encourage you to keep these critical best practices in mind to ensure your payroll is processed quickly, easily and accurately.

  • Classify employees correctly.
  • Set aside the proper funds for payroll ahead of time.
  • Submit payroll documentation on time and keep track of due dates and tax deadlines.
  • Set up a system of notifications and reminders to keep track of payroll and tax due dates.
  • Use Direct Deposit.
  • Keep your HR handbook current and make sure it defines your payroll procedures.
  • Organize payroll records.
  • Protect your information. Your employees’ personal data and payroll records are sensitive and you’ll want to be sure your data protection systems are current and not easily compromised.

Lastly, and most importantly, ask questions.  The payroll experts at Southland Data Processing are continuously educated to ensure your business payroll operation compliance.

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