Boost employee morale

Celebrate Spring & Boost Employee Morale

Boost employee moraleSpring is the perfect season to add a schedule of team-building activities to the company calendar. Whether your team is in-person, remote, hybrid or any combination thereof, spring building activities bring everyone together, reinforces the company culture and adds a little fun energy to the work environment.

The following are a few ideas that are easy to implement.

  1. Organize a Spring Office Cleaning Day. Encourage everyone to “spruce-up” their work area, take a review of the business space, discard outdated materials, and repair broken items. Replace or donate items that are no longer being used. Make sure you have the supplies needed such as cleaning materials and plenty of waste bags. Bring in food, drinks and treats. Also consider adding a few raffle prizes and energetic music to make the project a fun break.


  1. Plan a field day. This is a fun event to get everyone out of the office, boost morale and promote teamwork. It can be as easy as getting everyone together for a walk around the office building or meeting somewhere like a local park after hours for snacks, a walk or bike ride, a team sport or any other fun game that everyone will enjoy. Depending on the size of your group, you may also want to consider a golf outing, pickleball tournament, or bowling (if the weather isn’t agreeable). A game of bocce ball is one of our favorite field day activities and gets everyone involved, laughing and enjoying the comradery.


  1. Plan a Chili Cook-Off – with a new spin! Organize your employees into teams and set a budget. You’ll see some great resourcefulness, cooking skills and a competitive spirit! Provide some of the basic ingredients and encourage the teams to use their budget and creativity to customize a culinary masterpiece. You’ll need a panel of judges to participate in a taste-test. In the end, everyone will enjoy this fun competition.


  1. Make an Impact on Earth Day – Your business can schedule an Earth Day…any day. Schedule a day to make an impact as a team. Whether you choose to volunteer to clean-up at a local beach, pick-up litter from a local park or other community project, your team will come together for a common cause and enjoy the sense of accomplishment for making a positive impact. Many local civic and community organizations also organize several activities during the spring season. Simply contact your local Chamber of Commerce to get connected.


  1. Get Involved! – Non-profit organizations host fundraising events during the popular spring months. Check your local community bulletin board for a list of 5k runs/walks, golf tournaments, health fairs and business expos (to name only a few) for opportunities to get involved as a team. You’ll also be supporting local programs that better the community, which is something everyone can feel good about.

If your organization has remote employees, consider inviting them to attend in-person or look for ways to include them in the experience. Scheduling “virtual-only” team building activities are a great way to make sure everyone gets involved. Some ideas include:

  1. Organize a Spring Photo Sharing Event – Task your team with capturing the perfect Spring landscape picture. Schedule a virtual meeting time for everyone to share their picture and tell a little bit about it. Collect the pictures and create a virtual picture board for everyone to enjoy.
  2. Organize a Virtual Scavenger Hunt – Each team member must find certain items, take a screen shot and record the picture. The first one to collect all items wins a prize!
  3. Schedule a Virtual Break – Schedule a time for everyone to connect on-line together for coffee and a chat.
  4. Virtual Tour – Ask your remote employees if they would like to take the team on a tour of their home office, yard or something fun in their work space.
  5. Encourage Ideas – Ask your remote employees to schedule and create their own team building event and invite the rest of the group to join them.

Team Building during the Spring season is an ideal time to bring everyone together for a common, shared experience. A well-motivated, productive team and thriving company culture is an important component of employee retention, recruitment, and maintaining high employee engagement…which ultimately results in overall business success.

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