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DG Collision Car Restoration

Did you know that about 6 million car accidents occur every year in just the United States? And of those 6 million, an average of 72% result in property damage? Though we don’t often like to think about it, most of us will have to explore collision repair options at some point in our lives.

For this month’s Client Spotlight, we met with Dan Hansen, owner of DG Collision Center. In a world that no longer tailors commitments to meet individual needs, DG Collision is a family-owned business that prides itself on providing personalized service. Read on to learn more about how Hansen has differentiated his business and turned his childhood passion into a lifelong career.

The Story of “Dan Gogh”

Hansen’s story began when he was just 12 years old. Growing up, he loved painting bicycles in his spare time at his New York home. With the encouragement of his father, Hansen had the opportunity to spend his summers working as an apprentice at an auto body shop in Salt Lake City, Utah.

After years of honing his craft, Hansen finally made the big move to Southern California in 2001. Here, he started an automotive detailing business which propelled him to later open his own auto body repair shop. In 2006, he opened his first shop in Chatsworth, California. Then, in February 2019, Hansen opened DG Collision Center in Covina.

Dubbed “DG Collision” after Hansen’s nickname “Dan Gogh” (a nod to famous painter Vincent Van Gogh!), Hansen’s team is thoroughly experienced in the collision and restoration repair process. They love what they do and are proud to consistently deliver quality workmanship time and time again.

A Day In The Life of DG

Every day, Hansen’s team performs auto body collision repair jobs. Their goal is to quickly return each client’s car to its pre-collision condition. In addition to the repair work, they also coordinate with insurance companies and operate as the “go-between” or mediator between insurance and their clients.

Essentially, DG’s job is to ensure all repairs are covered and insurance is paying for the repairs. Additionally, they provide an added level of service by assisting clients with rides home or to car rental companies and keeping each client informed and updated throughout the entire repair process. According to Dan,

DG Collision Center is big enough to satisfy insurance companies’ diverse needs, and small enough to give our customers a personal touch in customer service.

Lessons Learned

1. Stay Focused

One of the biggest game-changers for Hansen with DG Collision was narrowing his business focus. In this case, Hansen has found that focusing on damage repairs from accidents is the best niche for DG. This allows his team to spend time on jobs that are most effective and efficient for their business. As a result, they can maximize their time providing services that will be the most profitable.

2. Consistent Marketing

Second, Hansen shares that consistent marketing is essential to insulate his business from the natural “ebbs and flows” of work. By incorporating publication advertising, local sponsorships, and engaging social media groups into his marketing strategy, Hansen consistently brings in new customers. Beyond this, Hansen is a huge advocate of Business Network International (BNI) as both a referral source and an opportunity for his own personal growth as a businessman.

3. Good People

Finally, Hansen notes the importance of connecting with the right people – both within and outside of his organization. For example, the entire staff at DG Collision is either I-Car or PPG certified, and their technicians have an average tenure of 10 years. As a result, Hansen is confident in his team to efficiently deliver consistent, quality repairs.

In addition to his internal team, Hansen also believes in building partnerships with the right people outside of his organization. When asked what has helped him throughout the process of opening DG Collision Center, Hansen shares,

Having a payroll company! SDP has been a huge help for us. Instead of worrying about payroll, we can take our attention away from that and put it towards serving our clients.

Why SDP?

A client of SDP’s since they opened earlier this year, Hansen could not be happier with the service they’ve received. As a small business owner, Hansen acknowledges how hard it is to stay on top of all the employment laws and regulations in California. Of working with Southland Data Processing, he says,

It’s been great to be hands-free of that aspect of the business and to have an HR team we know we can reach out to.

Whether he’s had questions on specific laws, protocols for hiring and firing employees, or putting together a handbook that works for his business, Hansen knows that Southland Data Processing is a reliable business partner that’s only a phone call away.

And the best part is, he’s been able to share his newfound knowledge! Networking with other small business owners in his industry, Hansen regularly comes across people with the same questions he once had. He loves that from working with SDP, he is able to help other businesses as well.

Come On In!

In partnership with DG Collision Center in Covina, we would like to invite you to come in for your next vehicle collision repair. Hansen and his team can’t wait to get to work on your vehicle. Here, the team will treat you like family and work with you to be your “car link” for all your automotive needs. They also work directly with every insurance company, so you won’t have to! Learn more here.

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Photo by DG Collision Center

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