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Delores Peich Senior Solutions Professionals

Have you or a loved one ever undergone a life-changing transition? It could have been an injury, a relocation, or even an age-related change. Chances are, looking back, you wish you could have known then what you know now.

One transition we’ll all one day face is the natural aging process. Whether you suddenly find yourself in a caregiver role, or you or a loved one are starting to wonder if independent living is still the best and safest option, we all could use a helping hand.

For this month’s Client Spotlight, we sat down with one of our clients who has dedicated herself to being this helping hand: Delores Peich, Founder of Senior Solutions Professionals.

Being a Helping Hand

Following a successful 15-year career as Sales & Marketing Director at The Claremont Club, Delores Peich felt drawn to the franchise business. As she had previously helped place her grandmother in an assisted living community, she knew how important this decision was. Additionally, she learned first-hand how critical industry knowledge was in making the right decision.

Although Peich admits she had minimal experience in the industry before starting out, with the support of her family and friends, she decided to take on an Assisted Transition franchise.

Once decided, Peich began her franchisee training in Long Beach. Then, on April 1, 2013, Peich and her dear friend, Laura Van Dran, opened for business as Assisted Transition Inland Empire. Van Dran’s experience as a caregiver herself, as well as running a Caregiver Support Group at The Claremont Club made her the perfect partner for Peich’s business plan.

Upon opening, Peich and Van Dran’s first job was to build partnerships with their local communities and homes. Due to their many connections from The Claremont Club, the duo quickly generated buzz. In no time, they were ready to begin making placements.

A year later, the franchise came under new ownership. During this change, Peich requested to be released from her contract. As she now knew the ins and outs of the industry, she was ready to take things to the next level. No longer a franchisee, she changed the business name and Senior Solutions Professionals was born.

A More Personal Touch

As impressive as Peich’s business journey is, their mission is even more impressive. The Advisors at Senior Solutions Professionals specialize in providing clients with personalized senior living consultation services.

With years of experience, Peich’s team helps clients understand, save time, and make the right decision in choosing from a variety of senior living options, including:

  • Independent Living
  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Memory Care
  • Home Care
  • Adult Day Care
  • Skilled Nursing Homes

The best part? Because fees are paid by the participating communities, all of this is done at no cost to their clients!

Good Things Come to Good People

Having just celebrated Senior Solutions Professionals’ 6th anniversary in business, Peich is proud that her business has become “the company to go to” in our area. Peich explains that a key tenet of Senior Solutions Professionals’ company culture is their genuine care for people. She shares,

Our job is to help find a place for each person to thrive.

As most people don’t know how to navigate this transition, she shares that the most rewarding moment is helping a family feel safe and at ease.

We are local and know your community. We’re here to help you find local, long-term care based on the senior’s preferences and needs. Our Advisors also guide you through the maze of senior care resources to simplify your transition. We provide our services at NO COST to you. Fees are paid by participating communities.

According to Peich, their work ethic, honesty, and compassion are at the core of Senior Solutions Professionals’ success. Whereas many placement businesses have never even been to the communities they refer to, her team of Advisors personally attends each community tour with their clients.

Due to their years of experience, they know the questions to ask. Additionally, as most of their clients are trying to budget, they ask the important questions so each client can be fully informed about each of their options. At the end of the day, they provide a personalized, advisory experience to help each of their clients find the best option for them.

Because of this, Peich divulges that they do hardly any marketing – instead, most of their business comes from word of mouth!

Why SDP?

A client of SDP’s since her first payroll in April 2013, Peich is a huge advocate of SDP in the local community. She explains that opening a small business with only a few employees, you don’t realize all the laws that apply to you.

Running her own business has been an incredible learning experience for Peich. Although there have been ups and downs, she is so thankful for SDP’s support every step of the way.

For example, because SDP sends compliant, electronic pay stubs to employees, Peich never has to worry about employees not receiving these important documents. Additionally, SDP’s files and reports have made Peich’s own recordkeeping system a comprehensive and well-organized document archive.

Finally, our regular HR seminars and webinars have helped Peich break down and implement compliance requirements that she otherwise could have easily overlooked by thinking they didn’t apply to her business!

Find Your Solution

Are you or a loved one considering a new living and care option for a senior in your life? Reach out to Peich and her team at (909) 931-2822 or visit them online here! Not only do the Advisors specialize in senior living placement, referral, and advisory services (absolutely free!). They can also get you in touch with elder law attorneys, senior realtors, moving companies, financial advisors, VA benefits, and more.

Lastly, if you or someone you know is a caretaker, we want to invite you to attend Senior Solutions Professionals’ Caretaker Support Group! Being a caretaker can be very challenging, and it’s important to know you’re not alone. We hope you’ll consider joining Senior Solutions Professionals at one of their upcoming support group meetings:

  • The last Monday of every month at St. Anthony’s (110 N San Antonio Ave., Upland) from 7-9 PM.
  • The second Tuesday of every month at the Claremont Club (1777 Monte Vista Ave., Claremont) from 7-9 PM.
  • Or, the third Wednesday of every month at Pilgrim Place Health Services (721 Harrison Ave., Claremont) from 1-2:30 PM.

SDP Client Spotlights: Celebrating Our Clients

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