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Some Crust Claremont CA Cookie Bakery

The Perfect Recipe

Most of us have heard the old adage, “Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” But if we’re being honest, that can be pretty scary to do! However, it’s when we take this leap of faith that we can truly find joy in what we do and happily live in the moment. Chances are you know one or two people who have done this, but did you know that it’s also the story of how couple Larry and Sandie Feemster came to own Claremont’s beloved Some Crust Bakery?

Sweet, Sweet Destiny

Built in 1888 as a dry goods store that also served briefly as a “mail desk” of Claremont, one could say that 119 Yale Avenue was destined to be a hub for the local community. Passing through the hands of five families over the past century, it wasn’t until 1916 that the first bakery was born at the location. After this, the Hodges Bakery continued to serve sweet-toothed locals through the 40s and 50s before becoming Jensen’s Danish Bakery in the 1960s.

Owned by a family from Denmark, the assortment of delicious breakfast rolls, cookies, and pastries were a hit with everyone who tried them. Then, in 1981, the bakery changed hands again, finally adopting the name “Some Crust” and iconic logo under the ownership of the Demke family. It was this bakery that Larry Feemster frequented for his morning coffee – Some Crust was one of the only places you could get espresso in Claremont until well into the 1990s! – when he wasn’t putting in long hours at his corporate job in food distribution.

Even still, it came as a shock when the Demkes approached their favorite “regular” to see if he would consider purchasing the bakery from them. Though Larry initially wrote it off as a crazy daydream, Sandie – who loved to bake and was also growing tired of life as a business executive – convinced him that they could make it.

The Cherry On Top

In 1997, Larry and Sandie became the proud owners of Some Crust Bakery. Over the past thirty years, they have stayed true to the spirit of the bakery, keeping many of the Demke’s delicious recipes such as the bear claw, cheese Danish, and mocha cookie. Though they’ve kept the original Some Crust formula of quality baked goods done well, the Feemsters’ bakery has also undergone tremendous growth.

The Feemsters have greatly expanded their menu offerings to include Some Crust’s famous “egg sliders”, a wide range of coffees, and beautifully-decorated wedding cakes. The bakery also now boasts 3 vans and an expanded café where the Demke’s tea room used to be. And they couldn’t have done it without their dedicated team. Production General Manager Jack Housen, who has worked at the bakery for over 28 years, as well as other key members of the management team who have been with Some Crust for a decade or more, have all been critical to the bakery’s success.

In addition to their incredible team, Larry and his son Scott, who serves as General Manager of the bakery, contribute their success to two other “secret ingredients.” First, Larry is a firm believer in the KISS model, a principle coined by the US Navy in 1960 that stands for “Keep it simple, stupid.” By making small tweaks to refine and streamline the bakery without changing the core of what it is, Some Crust continues to have return-customers from decades prior who are thrilled to come back and happily cheer, “Nothing has changed!

As a matter of fact, Larry even recalls the story of one woman who had visited the bakery from Fiji. As a gift, he gave her a Some Crust T-shirt to take home for a memento. Completely by chance, one day while grocery shopping back home, she was stopped by a man who had also been to the Claremont bakery and they instantly connected over their shared experience. On her next trip, she came back to Some Crust to share the story as she and Larry caught up over some fresh Danish and coffee.

The other key to Some Crust’s success is their unique position in the community. Larry shared, “We are successful because it’s our own building, we offer quality food, and because of the people of Claremont – it’s just not the same connection in other places.” And it’s true. Some Crust’s combination of rich history, commitment to quality, and small-town charm are the perfect recipe for the city’s emblematic bakery.

Why SDP?

A member of the SDP family for almost 16 years now, Larry and Scott explained how important it is to them to support their local business community. Not only that, but the relationships that they have built with the members of Southland Data Processing’s team have made processing payroll just a little bit sweeter. They love that SDP is accessible and easy to get ahold of when needed, and are happy with the partnership we have built together.

Have a Bite!

Whether you’re a regular at Some Crust or have never stepped through their sweet-smelling doors, we’d like to invite you to come in for a taste! Next time you’re in the Village, stop by Some Crust for the best baked goods in town. And don’t forget, Seniors over age 65 and college students with a valid student ID get 10% off their order!

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