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What do you know about self-care? Heading into 2020, the #SelfCare trend continues to grow among men and women of all age groups, and with good reason! Especially in the business world, most of us could do with a little extra TLC.

Join us for this month’s article as we sit down with Amber Peralta, owner of “the talked-about medical spa” in the IE. Not only will hearing about this amazing local business put you in the mood for a nice microdermabrasion under the LEDs–you’ll also get to hear Peralta’s top tips for starting a business and keeping your cool amidst the stress of entrepreneurial life.

“What’s a Medspa, anyways?”

Before blossoming into the business owner she is today, Peralta began her career with over a decade working as an ICU nurse. After shifting gears to start a family (and those 10 years of working in a pretty stressful environment!), she began noticing brown spots on her face.

In her efforts to take care of her stressed-out skin, she decided to take her first trip to a “medspa.” Although she initially planned for just a quick trip, she ended up spending over four hours that day talking to the women who owned the spa. Peralta shares,

I was amazed, like “Nurses can do this?! Oh my gosh!”

At the end of that day, she left the spa not just feeling refreshed, but with a job in hand and a passion to learn more about this new field.

A Dream Come True

As a self-proclaimed nerd who jumps at the opportunity to take in any new information, Peralta was invigorated by working at the medspa.

It was amazing just to be able to put on makeup, feel cute, not wear scrubs… I mean, as a new mom I was living in yoga pants, flip flops, and a ponytail!

It was in this nurturing environment that Peralta began to feel beautiful again and really found her love of aesthetics.

Then, like any good entrepreneur, she inevitably took the plunge to branch out and start her own business. And just like that, Synergy Medical Aesthetics was born.

Embracing Synergy

Building her own business was a dream come true for Peralta. According to her Office Coordinator Silvia Cabral,

She is so full of ideas. The setup, color scheme, ambiance, treatments… She has customized everything.

As a huge component of her success, Peralta credits her Doctor partner, Dr. Fakhoury. A well-known local family practice doctor, Dr. Fakhoury spends several days a week in the office where he also sees patients for medical services, bio-identical hormones, and small-section liposuction. Through this partnership, Peralta has the opportunity to express herself creatively in the business and bring her ideas to life, as well as offer services she otherwise would not be able to for a holistic approach to wellness.

Additionally, she is supported by an amazing team. Through their shared passion for making their clients feel beautiful, the days go by fast at Synergy and rarely feel like “work”.

Ultimately, it all ties back to Peralta’s initial vision for her brand. When asked, “Why the name Synergy?”, Peralta shares,

Synergy is like peanut butter and jelly. They’re great separate… But put them together and they’re better than they could ever be independently.

Similarly, when you combine regenerative medicine with aesthetics, the result is beauty. It’s Synergy.

A Safe Space

When it comes to success, finding your niche is key. For Synergy Medical Aesthetics, their niche is being a safe place for their clients.

To illustrate, Cabral recounts the story of a woman lounging in one of their patient rooms after her treatments were completed. Cabral noticed she had been there for a while and asked if there was anything she needed. The woman responded,

No, I’m fine, thank you. I’m just not ready to go back to the world yet. I’m in my zen.

What’s amazing is this is not an isolated occurrence at Synergy Medical Aesthetics. Here, all patients are given the opportunity to rest, unplug, and “find their zen”. They’re a safe space for everyone who walks through their doors.

Detox Your Life

One of the most beneficial practices Peralta has incorporated into her life is intentionally finding a careful work-life balance. Because this is different for everyone, Peralta believes you have to start by identifying what’s truly important to you in your life.

For her, this is work, her kids, and some level of exercise. (Even if it’s just two days a week!)

Once you’ve identified what’s important to you, the next step is to make time for those things. In Peralta’s case, this means staying out of the office on Wednesdays so she can volunteer at her kids’ schools and spend time with them in the evening.

Next, give time to yourself to play. Peralta notes that even though most people don’t allow this, it’s one of the biggest game-changers in your personal well-being.

Lastly, find peace. We all know it’s not exactly healthy to just “go, go, go” all the time. You have to find some quiet time to “veg out”, be mindless, turn off electronics, and just be present.

Why SDP?

Synergy Medical Aesthetics and Southland Data Processing first met through networking at Executive Women International (EWI). Peralta shares,

Just because we’re part of an organization together doesn’t mean we have to work together. But why not? Since we already knew each other, SDP knew all my needs before I even knew that I had them.

Cabral, who has previously used ADP and other programs, agrees. She explained,

I think it’s a fantastic system. It’s so much more efficient and streamlined. And the reports are so legible and easy to understand. Anyone could look at them and understand what they’re seeing. It’s a very good system.

Bring Some Synergy to Your Life

In the spirit of the balance that Peralta and her team seek to bring to each of their clients, we invite you to bring a little bit of synergy to your own life by making a positive impact in the community with us. (Psst, if you’re looking for other ways to balance your life, check out some of Synergy’s treatments!)

When it comes to “giving back”, Peralta has the added insight as a mother to know how important it is to parents to be a hero to their kids. She shares,

We all want to be that role model they look up to… But we don’t always have the time or know where to start.

Well, now’s your chance! Peralta will be coordinating a non-profit Spring Fashion Show “Fashion For Hope” on May 3, and we’d love for you to join! Proceeds will benefit Steven’s Hope and HOPE through HOUSING.

Not only will proceeds go to support an amazing cause, but this event is designed to positively impact all of the kids and teens involved as well. Whether you feel called to volunteer, donate, or attend, we’d love to have your support! Visit Synergy on Facebook here to learn more.

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Photo by Synergy Medical Aesthetics

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