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Help Your Employees Save with Wages on Demand

wages on demandThe average amount a Wages on Demand customer saves every year is $702 when compared to payday loans, overdraft fees, and late bill payments.

Saving money isn’t always an easy task, but as technology progresses it does make many aspects of our lives much easier. These advancements have done wonders in terms of managing/protecting your finances but unfortunately, have also made spending easier than ever too.

Our partner, ZayZoon, works hard to provide the most modern tools and resources to help give employees access to earned wages with resources to help save money and provide protection against hidden fees. An online platform is also available to help improve financial knowledge through interactive learning, reading, and presentations to help understand how to better manage finances.

For example, Low Balance Notifier is a tool used to help stay aware of the money in your account, and Expense Categorizer helps envision upcoming expenses in one spot to improve how you could be saving or spending your money more consciously.

Read more…about how to help your employees save $702 a year from our partner, ZayZoon.  And learn more about ZayZoon today.

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