I’m Thankful for Every Moment

Renitaby Renita J. Wojtuszewski, President & CEO

In this season of Thanksgiving, I intentionally begin a deeper reflection of gratitude. I believe this journey acknowledges the accomplishments and challenges of the past year and establishes the base for resolutions in the new year ahead.

My usual reflection of gratitude begins with the visualization of a tree with the words, “Family, Friends, Financial, Food and Shelter, and Total Well-Being” hanging from each flourishing branch. On the trunk of this tree,  “Faith” is boldly imprinted with its roots robustly planted into a grounded foundation.

Faith – This reflection is not just about me but for others and those I’m in touch with daily. I am so thankful for my faith because it gives me the strength to strive daily to shine the love and grace that God has given me in my life to the people I am around. I also ask that the faith of those around me remain strong, and I express my thankfulness for them.

Family – As I think about my tree of gratitude, I relive the events that happened in the year. I’m thankful for the memories created, the achievements, and the obstacles that we have overcome. I pray for my family and others who have touched my life. I am grateful for the solid relationships, ask for strength to mend broken ones and that new relationships are fostered.

Friends – I give thanks for the special friends who have lifted me up and supported me throughout the year. As I lift up these friendships,  my prayer is that I have given the same support to them.

Financial – I give thanks for the blessings of my hard work through financial security. I pray I may continue to have the discipline and resources to provide for my family. I pray that I may continue to create opportunities for others to achieve financial wellness and give to those who need support.

Food and shelter – I may sometimes forget the gift of basic needs such as food and shelter,  but I am so grateful that I have the comfort and warmth of the home that provides for my family and friends. I think about those who do not have that comfort and pray they may have opportunities to improve their lives.

Total Well-Being – I give thanks for my well-being and the well-being of friends, family, and those around me. I pray that we continue to thrive and know the path to take to be emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually whole. I pray that we can all be kind and loving to one another.

As you celebrate this season of Thanksgiving and reflect, may you experience the love, peace, joy, and deep and meaningful relationships that make you smile and laugh for the rest of this year…and beyond.

Happy Thanksgiving.

With my deepest gratitude for your partnership and trust, Renita.

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