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Today’s interview process has many layers that requires getting as much information as possible in a short period of time. Screening candidates via on-line applications does offer some efficiency, as does the virtual interview. However, determining if a candidate is right for the role you’re recruiting for remains challenging. Asking solid interview questions is critical to determine a prospective employee’s skills, experience, conversational style, problem-solving ability and capacity to learn, just to name a few.
The best way to adequately screen skills is to ask questions that are specific to the company’s role as well as broader questions to assess your prospective recruit’s personality and ability to perform under pressure. Consider incorporating these questions into your interviews for a successful recruitment process.

1. What career accomplishment makes you the most proud?
You want to hire employees who take pride in their work. By asking this question, you give candidates an opportunity to share something important. It will help you better understand the type of work that makes them feel fulfilled and determine if it’s aligned with the job functions.

2. Tell me something about you that isn’t on your resume?
It’s impossible to learn everything about a candidate from their resume. By asking this question you offer the candidate an opportunity to share something that may not necessarily be job-related. The response and the information shared will tell you a lot about how they will contribute to the company culture.

3. Why do you want to work here?
This question will assess how much the candidate knows about your company, any research conducted and if they understand the role. You’ll also gain insight on how well your own company communications are.

4. Why did you apply for this role?
This gives the candidate time to share why they would be a good recruit and a positive addition to your team.

5. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
This question allows the candidate a chance to discuss how their best qualities align with the needs of the position. It also helps you determine if the candidate’s weaknesses conflict with the job requirements and if there is a good level of self-awareness.

6. Tell me about a difficult work situation that you had to overcome?
This question allows the candidate to tell you about how they performed under pressure. It also opens a discussion about problem-solving and performing under stress.

7. Why are you looking to change jobs?
Typically this question offers the candidate an opportunity to speak positively and respectfully about their prior employer or focus on negative aspects. Either way, you will be able to assess their level of professionalism and judgment.

8. Describe a circumstance in which you had to manage a heavy workload?
This question reveals a candidate’s organizational and time management skills as well as how they deal with pressure. Pay attention to specific ways in which the candidate prioritizes tasks, adapts to change and works well with others to accomplish objectives.

9. Describe a circumstance where you’ve had to work with team members whose personality and work style were different from yours.
Being a good team member means working well with other people who have different backgrounds, personalities and skills. This question gives the candidate an opportunity to demonstrate their teamwork, interpersonal and problem-solving skills. It will also give you better insight into their personality and work style.

10. What are your career goals?
This question will give you insight on how ambitious the candidate is as well as how hardworking and goal-oriented they are. Look for career goals that align with your company’s values and goals. This question will also give you insight on how long the candidate plans to stay with your company.

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