Aric Brillhartby Aric Brillhart, Director of Regional Sales

I’ve always had a knack for identifying opportunities. I’m energized by challenges, solving problems and pursuing business with a purpose. I’m an entrepreneur and I harness my instincts everyday to produce results.

It’s just who I am. It’s not something I can turn on or off. It’s as fundamental to my daily life as breathing. Tapping into my entrepreneurial spirit did take some time, success, failures and experience. But once I identified what really makes me a successful businessperson, I was able to leverage my strengths and strive for my goals.

It all started on the field…the track field, that is. Like many kids, I enjoyed playing sports. From a young age I loved competing, working as a team and the physical challenges of being an athlete. As I got older, I developed my athletic skills in field events and went on to compete at the collegiate level in shotput, discus, javelin and the hammer throw. Competitions were intense and, while I was part of a team, these events are based on individual performance. To win, I had to apply the disciplines of confidence, instinct, timing and focus…just to name a few.

My experiences on the track field were both physically and mentally challenging. Little did I know at the time, that what I was learning on the track field would serve me well as a young professional.

I always knew I liked the thrill of relying on my own abilities to achieve success. I think this is why I started my career journey on the sales side of business. I initially worked in the audio and video industry followed by escrow and title. This was a solid transition that was an upward move. I became proficient at the art of engaging with people, uncovering needs and recommending solutions, networking, referring and building new relationships. This quickly became my path to success.

Like many young professionals, the pandemic was a game-changer. I had to adapt, develop new ways to communicate with clients, and reinvent the manner in which I connected with people.

To further state; I’m a people person! I love meeting with people! I love networking, group events, and calling on clients at their office! I love attending industry and community meetings! I basically like any and all things PEOPLE. Remove the ability to connect with people, and I was about as useful as a thrower with nothing to throw.

Patience is not a leading characteristic of most solid competitors. And I am no exception. I knew that I had to adapt and quickly find a way to keep my career moving forward. I made some big pivots to develop virtual meeting skills, connect with people via social media, and make more phone calls, just to name a few.

It was all working great!

And then my company closed…

So now what?


There was a lot of self-talk during this time of transition. Entrepreneurs know this because sometimes we are our own champion. My daily pep-talks led to some new business opportunities in the industry I had found success in. However, I felt like it was time for a change. I wanted a challenge. Something new. Something that would feel like my own.

And that’s when I met the Southland Data Processing team. The timing was ideal and my instincts told me this was the right move.

I’m excited to share that my entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. I greet every day with optimism, excitement and enjoy the challenge of creating new opportunities. In my role as Director of Regional Sales I look for ways to solve specific problems for our clients and develop solutions one business at a time.

I’ve always heard achievers make statements such as, “There’s more to gain and learn from challenges than there is when things are easy.”

This statement is, in fact, true.

I know that it takes effort to win and developing my own skills is an ongoing process. I have many years ahead of me in my career and because I was able to get through these obstacles, I now have the requisite skills and experience to meet new challenges with greater ability and confidence.

I look forward to what’s next. The wins, the challenges, the obstacles. All of it. And whatever that is, I will just find a way to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

If you’re interested in meeting with Aric, you may contact him by calling 909.946.2032 or via email at [email protected]

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