My Will to Succeed

Dannyby Danny Mosaquites, Director of Regional Sales

I’m going to outwork my competition every time. Whether that is in business or on the soccer field, my competitive spirit or my will to succeed means I put forth my very best every day and in every endeavor.

It sounds exhausting, right? I get that a lot.

But it’s not exhausting to me because this is simply who I am. It’s what inspires me to be the best dad, husband, friend, colleague and business associate.

Being the best dad is my absolute favorite role of life. I have three children and they are my world. I always want my kids to know and feel that they are truly loved. My wife and I have built a household of mutual respect. That’s not to say our kids are perfect and every day is bliss, but we do have happy, healthy, successful kids and I learn something from them every day. My family drives my will to succeed, and I always want my kids to know that hard work is a value that we share as a family.

Being the best husband also means being a best friend. I first met my wife when we were only 15 years old. Our paths crossed again after college and a few years later we were married. We now are approaching our 17th wedding anniversary. I am blessed with a spouse who understands my tenacity and supports my drive to succeed. We’ve always viewed each other as equal partners with shared responsibilities. I think this is important for our family structure because I want my kids to know that we work together and give unconditional love and support. It’s not always easy, but it’s this stability and framework in my home life that makes my career and business success possible.

At Southland Data Processing, our shared mindset program encourages our team members to give on-the-spot recognition. I enjoy honoring my fellow colleagues who provide our clients with great service, help solve a problem or develop new solutions that builds our business. While I was preparing this BLOG, one of my teammates gave me a stack of cards that my fellow employees wrote to me. I was immediately humbled to read words like, “Intuitive, Attentive, Team Player, Reliable, Responsive and Inspirational.” I don’t wake up every day with the intention to be this person. It’s just who I am and I can’t turn it on or off. However, there’s something very enlightening to be acknowledged in this way and it inspires me to keep being the best version of myself in all areas of my life.

Anyone who knows me knows I love soccer. Whether I’m playing, watching or coaching, it’s my favorite pastime and something I enjoy sharing with my kids. I’ve been a soccer coach for over 25 years and while I’ve helped others excel at the sport, it also brings so much joy to my life. Being a soccer coach allows me to harness my competitive spirit and there’s nothing like a scoreboard to motivate my will to succeed. However, being the best coach doesn’t always mean winning to me. I enjoy teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, strategy and how to overcome challenges. I think this is why coaching is so important to me. It allows me to channel my natural talents in a way that benefits others.

This is how I outwork my competition. It’s a blend of pride, motivation, setting an example for my kids, being a good partner to my wife, and earning respect from my players. I coach by walking the walk and talking the talk. I am proud to work at Southland Data Processing and to have access to the means to help other business professionals achieve success with our products.

I love this balance and I love the elements that inspire me.

I get energized by the people I work with. And I’d like to think I do the same for them. Business can be hard, challenging, fun, and disappointing at times. Regardless…I will always outwork the competition because it’s just what I do.

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