Holiday Blues

Overcoming the Holiday Blues

Holiday BluesReturning back to a regular routine after the holidays can be difficult. For some employees, it can be challenging to adjust from the fun and joy of holiday celebrations to being productive and business-minded. To help battle the post-holiday office blues, consider these initiatives to reset the mindset.

Schedule a “State of the Union” Meeting – Gather your team together and share insights about the business. Remind them about the “Big Picture” and company focus. Present achievements, discuss highlights, and describe obstacles that were overcome in the past year. Present objectives for the year ahead and acknowledge team members who exhibited outstanding service. Include multiple leaders from your organizations and give your team the boost they need to take on the new year ahead.

Ask employees to share holiday photos – Create a bulletin board in a common area or breakroom where your team can post printed copies of their pictures. Or, if you have remote and hybrid workers, create a Teams Group or Intranet Page where digital pictures can be shared. If you don’t have these technologies in place, ask an employee to lead the effort and collect digital copies from the team. Prepare a PowerPoint or collage document that can be distributed to the group. Sharing good times and festive stories is uplifting for…everyone!

Plan fun activities in January – Give your employees a few things to look forward to. Plan events around the upcoming football playoffs and Superbowl. Team jersey days, a potluck and office team spirit gets everyone involved. Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day are also fun and festive holidays to celebrate with employee luncheons, office décor and contests. Consider creating an Events Committee comprised of enthusiastic employees who can organize and communicate the events to your team…all year long.

Freshen Up the Workplace – Take a look around your office and evaluate. Consider assigning new work projects and explore ways to get tasks done more efficiently. Ask your team to self-assign challenges and projects. This exercise makes for great motivation, employee engagement and can also improve focus.

Get Fit! – It’s no secret that eating better and exercising more is at the top of many New Years’ resolution lists. Support and encourage your employees’ health goals by encouraging “Walk-at-Work” breaks, healthy eating recipe sharing, or a contest for those who log the most hours exercising in the first 90 days of the year.

Implementing these easy, employee-centric initiatives will not only help your employees avoid the post-holiday blues, they will help improve your company culture overall. Cheers to a successful, healthy and happy 2023!

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