Signet™ Instant Payroll is Improving Cash Flow for Our Clients

Renita– Renita Bess, President, CEO & “Head Cheerleader”

As an established, independent payroll firm, we continually seek new opportunities through partnerships to expand our services and product offerings. This strategy is vital because it reinforces our unique, competitive advantage over other payroll providers by bringing best-in-breed products to our clients. This strategy also creates greater strength in attracting new clients, reinforces the retention of our clients through the ongoing introduction of business-enhancing services, and ensures we deliver the most innovative solutions combined with our unrivaled customer service.

Earlier this year, we partnered with Signature Bank to offer Signet Instant Payroll. This ground-breaking service provides a platform where a business can process and fund payroll as late as on check date. Instant Payroll is just that…it eliminates the two or three-day processing time frame of traditional payroll funding procedures without wire fees, additional steps, or holding funds in escrow.

Our clients who use Instant Payroll are benefiting from the shortened processing time frame, improved cash flow, the elimination of some concerns about funds availability, and overall operating efficiency. Instant Payroll has provided relief for businesses struggling through economic conditions, inflation, and supply chain constrictions. It has eliminated costly banking fees related to service charges and the cost of using loans and lines of credit to fund short-term operating expenses.

Our partnership with Signature Bank and making Instant Payroll available to our clients is just one way we seek to improve the manner in which our clients conduct business. We understand our business clients’ challenges and appreciate the trust in our services. Paying employees on time and accurately is a fundamental business priority. By continually evolving and improving our own processes, we create a positive effect on everyone we serve.

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