Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Whether your business is new to social media marketing or you’ve been using this strategy for a while, it’s always good to know the basics and target the content in a manner that produces results for your small business.

  1. The value of social media for small business is…invaluable. Because the investment is largely the time it takes you to prepare and post content, there isn’t an enormous financial commitment.  In comparison to the days of print media, social media is dynamic, easy, and can be targeted anyway you’d like.  The possibilities are endless!
  2. Set goals for your small business. Whether that’s number of posts per week or generating more “Followers, Likes and Shares,” goals are essential to measuring the effectiveness of your efforts.  For example, if you’re expecting more sales from your social media strategy, be sure to have a tracking system in place to account for any increased sales volume related to your posts.
  3. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and content management tools such as Hootsuite, offer analytic reports to help you measure your engagements and activity. You can access this information in weekly intervals, monthly, or a custom range of your choosing.  Review this intel often and discover what content is producing the most results.
  4. Keep content simple, concise, and to the point. Combine that with a captivating image and you’ve got a great post.  Consider linking your post to your business website where more in-depth information is available.  For example, a clothing boutique may post an image of a new sweater that is available for sale.  Add a link to the website where the sweater can easily be purchased and you’re one step closer to making the sale!  This is also a great strategy for service business looking to book more appointments or to collect reservations for an upcoming event.
  5. Sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook offer “Live” features. Consider hosting live events to give your followers a behind the scenes tour of your business, a special announcement or a short educational update.  These live posts can also be saved and shared from your page, which adds lasting value.
  6. No one knows your small business better than you! Add your own personal touch and insight.  Afterall, you are your business and your customers want to engage with you.

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