Spring Cleaning for Your Office

Spring is upon us.  With the change in seasons we are inspired to spruce up at home.  However, the office might need a little attention too.  If your office could use a little spring cleaning, here are a few tips to get started.

  1. Get Organized

Take a look at your work area and make a game plan.  If you share an office with others, plan a time when everyone can get organized and clean-up together.  This team effort gets everyone on board and you might even have a little fun doing this!

You’ll likely need a paper shredder, trash can and some cleaning supplies.  By having all of these items at the ready, your project will get done a lot faster.

  1. Tackle the Paperwork

When paper piles up and drawers are cluttered it’s difficult to stay organized.  Start with the paperwork and get the paper shredder ready.  What doesn’t get filed away or set aside for a current project may likely need to be shredded.  Take great care to destroy paperwork rather than simply throwing it away.  And lastly, implement a filing system you can stick to so that all of your time and efforts to get organized become a daily routine.

  1. The Junk Drawer

Most of us have a junk drawer at home that serves as a treasure trove of random items.  And, most of us also have a desk drawer at the office for the same purpose.  Loose coins, paperclips, half-used decks of sticky notes, maybe a few snacks that got left behind…whatever your collection is, it’s a good time to start over.  Try emptying the drawer’s content’s so you can easily rummage through the items and toss away anything that is no longer needed.

  1. Lost & Found

In your quest to spring clean it’s likely you’ll come across items that are non essential to your daily job.  Jackets left at work, a few umbrellas that never made it back home or possibly even an array of knick-knacks that are cluttering your desk space.  This is a perfect time to take these items home (or find them a new home) so you can free up your desk and office space.  Try to keep only essential items on your desktop for a cleaner, more organized appearance.

  1. Clean Up

Once you’ve de-cluttered and your space is clear, the clean up is the grand finale to your project.  Get out the disinfecting wipes and give everything a nice wipe down, taking good care to use the appropriate cleaning materials for computer and other electronic equipment and well as for wood furniture.  This final touch will give you a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


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