The Basics of Recruiting & Hiring

Recruiting and hiringRecruiting and hiring are essential processes to bring-in new talent to your organization.  Recruiting is the process of attracting top talent. Whereas, hiring happens when there is a need to fill a specific role and applicants are considered for employment.  While both strategies seek to develop qualified employee candidates, there are big differences between them.

Recruiting involves continuous research to find the best employees for your organization. Recruitment strategies should be ongoing and seek to build awareness. Continually conveying why your organization is an ideal place to work, the culture, benefits and opportunities will reach talented professionals seeking employment or aiming for new career goals.  Typically, recruiting efforts are made through networking, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, career sites such as Indeed, and referrals.  When recruiting, it’s essential to build a list of professionals you know and want to employ.  It may take checking-in on a regular basis in case they’re not quite ready to make a move. Always Be Recruiting.  It’s a process that never ends.

Hiring, on the other hand, involves soliciting and reviewing applications for employment.  Your organization may post an open position on a job site like Monster, which alerts the public that your organization is looking to fill a job with specific requirements.  Applications are received, evaluated and candidates considered.  The hiring process involves meeting applicants who have already developed an interest in working for your organization and determining who will be the best fit to fill the role.

How your organization approaches recruiting and hiring can have a crucial impact on efficiency, quality and success. Both strategies can work together for a balanced approach to keep your organization well-staffed with the best talent.

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