The Importance of Background Checks

Background Check

Background checks are an important part of the employee screening and hiring process. Investigating the background of an applicant for hire is particularly essential for risk-sensitive positions and helps to mitigate risk exposure should the employee be involved in any misconduct or illegal activities. The time and monetary investment in making background checks a part of the hiring process can help avoid potential future issues as well.

Performing a background check is also the employer’s opportunity to verify the information provided by the applicant. It can reveal misinformation, whether mistakenly or intentionally omitted, such as residency where a criminal record might be located. Background checks also help to confirm attendance dates, education, degrees or certifications earned, and prior employment details.

Background checks not only help to promote a safe workplace and reduce the odds of a bad hire, using background checks during the hiring process also:

• Provides a safe workplace for employees and clients
• Assists in hiring the most qualified people.
• Minimizes exposure from employee liability with appropriate due diligence practices.
• Encourages integrity, honesty and transparency during the application and interview process.
• Discourages applicants from hiding information.

Remember, the applicant’s history can be a prediction of future behavior and can help the hiring manager make an informed choice. Having a background screening program in place and disclosing the process to applicants early-on can help every business improve the recruitment and hiring process.

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