Jeanne Huynh

The Positive Impacts of Community Involvement

Jeanne Huynhby Jeanne Huynh, Partner Success Manager

Have you ever performed a good deed and lived on its high? I  create positive impacts for my family, friends, clients, and community because I genuinely enjoy it. Whether that’s through lending a helping hand, being a good listener, offering support during a challenging time, developing solutions, or volunteering, I’ve learned how to channel my personal strengths into my career and for the benefit of my community.

My professional development originated after college as a young business owner in the textile industry, where I learned the disciplines and the importance of quality client service. Exceeding clients’ expectations came easily to me early in my career because I have a natural strength and concern for ensuring those around me are happy. I didn’t have much consciousness about this then because it is simply who I am. Now, with some time, perspective, and experience, I realize that this focus has been an essential part of my professional success and has allowed me to contribute to my community.

I entered the payroll industry eight years ago and was quickly able to leverage my service skills while also applying the knowledge I had gained from being a business owner. As luck would have it, my skills transitioned well, and I was able to develop new knowledge, which I always enjoy. Feeling fairly comfortable in my new role – helping clients, developing new business, and representing Southland Data Processing in various capacities – Renita Bess, our CEO, asked me if I would attend meetings at our local chapter of Executive Women International (EWI) called Pomona Valley. It was at this organization that my love for helping others burgeoned, and I gained invaluable professional and personal benefits.  Let me emphasize that – it was INVALUABLE.

With 35 chapters in the United States and Canada and over 1,200 members, EWI is an organization that promotes our careers, connections, and community. It is a “sisterhood,” so to speak, and provides a forum for local professionals to network, serve the community and unite for a common purpose. One primary focus we share is raising valuable funds through various fundraising initiatives to provide scholarships for women who need assistance improving their education and career paths and overcoming adversity. Throughout my involvement in the organization, I estimate that we have given more than $100,000 scholarships to women living in our service area. Regardless of the size of the scholarship, I know that the support from the members of my chapter carried the scholarship recipients to heights they may not have known.

It is well-documented that volunteering improves mental health, reduces stress, provides a sense of pride, forms personal connections, improves self-confidence, and creates a sense of belonging. I have personally benefited from these attributes, and I’d also like to think my contributions have done the same for those around me.

The point at which I started EWI was a pivotal moment in my life when my confidence soared, and my career took off.  Professionally, I have gained new leadership skills from my involvement with EWI, have benefited from working with fellow professionals at various stages of their careers, and have contributed to their career success. The networking opportunities have been great for my business, and I have established brand recognition as an experienced, resourceful, service-minded payroll professional.

Our Pomona Valley Chapter of EWI is celebrating 72 years of service. I proudly served the organization as its President for three years and currently serve as its Board Advisor. I have enjoyed mentoring other professional women and have seen a significant improvement in my presentation skills, management abilities, and confidence. By channeling my strengths into this organization to benefit those who need support, I, in turn, have been given such wonderful gifts that I would have never asked for or expected.

My advice to young women who are entering their professional careers is this: Surround yourself with support. Know your strengths and find a way to channel those strengths personally, professionally, and for the voluntary benefit of others. Expect nothing in return, and you will get everything you want – maybe more.

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