Remote employees

Understanding Successful Remote Employees

Remote employeesToday’s remote and hybrid workforce requires new management techniques, to be sure.

When managing your remote workforce, consider these popular characteristics of successful remote employees who tend to be…

  • Great communicators. They engage with fellow team members often and when important issues arise. Whether via your company’s chat channel, email, virtual meeting or telephone, a high level of communication makes for a successful remote team member.
  • Natural collaborators. Even though they may be working from home, successful remote workers thrive from interacting with colleagues, clients and business partners. This keeps communication open and productive as well.
  • Independent workers. They excel at time management, are responsive and responsible. Tasks are completed efficiently and meet project deadlines.
  • Self-starters. Successful remote workers know the job that needs to be done and how specific situations should be managed.
  • Easy to manage and works with little direction. Trust is key between manager and employee as well as confidence that assigned tasks are completed appropriately.
  • Producers of impactful work. Their contributions matter to the organization’s success and they take extreme responsibility for the results they produce.
  • Quiet work environments free of distractions, such as a home office isolated from interruptions, is the ideal atmosphere for the focused mindset.

Understanding these unique characteristics of the successful remote worker helps managers better prepare how they may inspire, lead, direct and support this sector of today’s workforce.

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