Company Picnics – The Trending Event for Businesses

Company Picnics

A company picnic has always been a great way to host a business event, gather employees, include family members, and show employee appreciation. Company picnics are an affordable option and, because picnics are outside, the event can easily accommodate any concerns employees may have for health and safety.

The casual nature of picnics automatically creates an atmosphere that is informal and family-friendly. An event does not have to be a formal gala in order to make team members feel appreciated. However, putting in an effort to add special elements, planned activities, free time, and a presentation from company leadership is still important.

Consider hiring a professional caterer and an event company for seating rentals, a sound system and to help create an appealing color scheme consistent with your company image. Also consider developing a theme for the event such as a western rodeo, beach-bash or tropical luau. This element only adds to the fun and creates a festive atmosphere. Send invitations with the theme to your employees well in advance so that they can have some fun with their themed attire too.

When considering location, be sure to check with the park or venue. Some locations require a reservation, rental fee, or have certain restrictions on party size and food and beverage service. Event planners are wonderful resources to help with ideas or consider forming an internal committee of employees who can develop ideas and take charge during the picnic.

Planned activities help to create a positive social experience because, often times, not everyone knows one another, especially if spouses, significant others, and children are in attendance. Consider games, contests, or fun activities that get everyone involved. From water-balloon tossing to a softball game, there are countless options to create fun.

It’s always a good idea to build in a little free-time. This is usually best during lunch or dinnertime when food is served. Consider a buffet consistent with your picnic theme. For example, if your theme is a western rodeo, a buffet of barbeque items and side dishes is perfect! This gives families in attendance some time to chat and enjoy the time together.

Presentations and recognition at the end of the meal is perfect timing as everyone is already seated. Be sure to have a speaker system for an event with large attendance. Honoring excellence in front of families and fellow coworkers is a wonderful way to close-out an event and reminds everyone how important achieving goals and exceeding expectations is to the company’s success.

Add a personal touch with a giveaway gift that everyone receives at the end of the day. Make sure the gift includes your company logo and consider adding the event name, date, or year to further commemorate the day. Think of this gift as a party favor and be sure that it is something that will appeal to everyone.

Whether you decide to keep your company picnic simple or on a grand scale, what’s most important is that your team feels appreciated, proud of their employer, and able to build comradery through lasting memories. Enjoy the celebration!

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