It’s time to revolutionize your payroll experience. Introducing SDP Connect, an upgraded payroll interface built just for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You asked – we answered! Here’s everything you need to know about your upcoming transition from Payentry to SDP Connect.

Is this change mandatory?
Yes, the Payentry platform is sunsetting and all users will be required to convert to the new interface by their scheduled date.
What is the difference between Payentry and SDP Connect?
In addition to improved payroll processing and reporting functionality, SDP Connect is also designed to “connect” all of your other HR, workforce management, and benefit administration work seamlessly in a single platform. Check out our Payentry vs. SDP Connect comparison chart below to learn more.
Is there an additional charge?
There are no additional fees associated with your conversion. However, SDP Connect does have the option to purchase additional modules to further streamline your internal processes. Contact us for a quote for any additional modules you would like to add.
I am a long-time client of SDP's. Will I lose all of my data?
No. The SDP Connect upgrade primarily affects the user interface, but our database is not changing. Therefore, your payroll history and employee data will still be available in SDP Connect. However, report writers do not sync to the database, so please let our team know if you have existing report writers you would like to recreate in SDP Connect.
How will I be trained on the new system?
Our entire team is happy to help as you transition to using SDP Connect. This resources page and the SDP Connect Help Center both have a wealth of material that will help you get acclimated to the system (written guides, videos, knowledge base,etc.).

Additionally, we will be hosting weekly webinar trainings. If you still have questions after attending one of these webinars, please feel free to schedule a 30-minute training session here.

How long will the conversion take? Will I be able to process in Payentry during the conversion time?
We have already completed your account conversion on the back-end. Your access to Payentry will be disabled on your scheduled conversion date.
Will my username and passwords change?
Yes, our team will contact you with your new login information.
Will I still receive my reports via MyFileGuardian?
No, the SDP Connect dashboard has its own report vault which stores your recurring report package for each payroll. Not only can you easily build and run standard or custom reports, but these reports will no longer expire after 365 days like MyFileGuardian reports!
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SDP Connect vs. Payentry

Curious what happens when you upgrade? Here’s a comparison of all the features included with SDP Connect vs. Payentry.

Included Features

Payroll Processing
SDP Connect Payentry
Batch payroll grid view X X
Employee pay entry view X X
Labor allocation (department, location, job, etc.) overrides X X
Pre-process register (sort and filter from payroll totals screen) X
Payroll analytics and validation screen X
Itemized totals by earning code X
Easy access to employee profiles from payroll screen X
SDP Connect Payentry
Standard system reports X X
New and improved table-based report writer X
Additional custom reports library X
Access to quarterly returns within reporting system X
Report vault (electronic payroll package within system) X
Run reports across entire company set (for users with multiple companies) X
Employee Management
SDP Connect Payentry
HR tabs (events, skills, reviews, emergency contacts, etc.) X X
Employee photo X X
Termination and rehire workflows X
Employee file cabinet X
Company directory X
Multiple employee select (work with multiple employee profiles from one click) X
View employee list across entire company set (for users with multiple companies) X
Rate/salary calculator X
Link reviews to rate changes X
SDP Connect Payentry
Integration with SDP Time (one-touch payroll import and single-sign on for users) X

SDP Connect Add-Ons

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service allows employees to view their personal profile information from their own payroll portal. Employers can choose to grant employees access to update their W-4, direct deposit information, and more!


Paperless onboarding integrated with payroll? Yes, please! Our onboarding module allows employees to electronically complete and review federal and state compliance forms, plus your own company-specific forms.

Learn More


Employee Self-Service allows employees to view their personal profile information from their own payroll portal. Employers can choose to grant employees access to update their W-4, direct deposit information, and more!

Time Off Requests

Don’t need a full timekeeping system, but still need to manage employee time-off requests? With Time Off Requests through SDP Connect, employees can easily view and request time off, and managers can approve, reject, or respond with just one click!

Benefit Administration

Looking for a simpler way to manage benefits? With Benefit Administration, you can quickly enroll new hires, allow employees to easily compare and select plans, monitor employee enrollment status and deadlines, review helpful analytics, and store important plan documents.

Organizational Management

Our Organizational Management module allows you to display the internal structure or hierarchy within your organization. The org chart can be linked to user roles or simply act as a visual accessory to your company directory.

Data Load

With our Data Load module, you can choose to allow your vendors to update employee deductions automatically using a secure FTP feed.

API Integration

Our open API allows us to connect with other payroll-related services to provide you with an integrated experience. Whether it’s simply creating a single sign-on button or exchanging payroll data, the possibilities are endless! Call us at (866) 946-2032 to discuss.

Want to learn more about SDP Connect Add-Ons?