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Time & Attendance
Cloud-based management, mobile employees, easily configured with advanced features.

Automated tools that manage the difficult challenges of team scheduling with ease.

Payroll Integration
Full integration with your payroll system means you’ll increase savings and reduce errors.

Workforce management on the go with remote punch in, timecard review and scheduling.

Southland Data Processing Workforce Management Suite

Time Clocks

Mobile Timekeeping

Attendance Tracking

Practical & Convenient

Swipe Cards & Biometrics

Out With Overtime

With new DOL regulations that affect employers in California and all over the country, overtime results in more than just additional payroll.

Even a 15-minute per day fluctuation in employee clock in or out can be a crippling expense. Workforce Management Suite integrates scheduling with time and attendance to help you better manage schedule adherence including restricted clocking times, triggers, and notifications that expose areas of abuse and liability.Even with standard settings, you can save a considerable amount in hard overtime costs, and avoid penalties and time-and-a-half situations before they occur.

Save Your Schedule

Tracking employee time is important, however this isn’t your most burdensome area of friction when it comes to administering your schedule. Managing last-minute scheduling changes including shift swapping, sick time coverage, and overlaps can be a steep waste of time.

Workforce Management Suite can save your schedule with integrated tools including TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity for managing time and attendance more efficiently. Workforce Management Suite moves scheduling accountability to your employees to reduce management impact.


Save Time with Automation

Advanced Team Scheduling

Makes Tracking Overtime Easy

Raise Employee Retention

Down With Deviations

When employees are absent or tardy, a cascade of costs accumulate and trigger a ripple of expense through your entire company. Workforce Management Suite helps reduce this impact by allowing management to share the accountability for rescheduling with employees.

Easy-to-use virtual swapping and pickup boards eliminate time-consuming calling frenzies. Automated record keeping contains supporting documentation for disciplinary actions and helps you address chronic employee problems.

Raising Retention

You’ll appreciate saving time and money, and you’ll also enjoy a rise in employee retention.

Workforce Management Suite helps you manage employees with fewer problems and conflicts while granting greater flexibility and control in time and scheduling.

Our integration with payroll services supplies an expanded reliability and even fewer reasons to consider options.

Upgrade and Save

One simple move will save you a lot of money while improving time management. The result is improved employee performance and increased employee retention.


Cloud-based time and attendance that empowers managers
Critical tools to run your workforce with precision

Manage Time

Easy, Cloud-Based Solution

PTO Tracking

Overtime Alerts

Reduce Unscheduled Absences

Track Attendance

Employee Self-Management

Regulatory Compliance Tools

Analyze Staffing Trends

Maximum Supervisor Visability

Simplify Timekeeping

TimeWorksPlus is a cloud-based time and attendance solution that empowers users to run their teams with maximum efficiency; and their businesses with maximum profitability. TimeWorksPlus provides important tools and information to manage your workforce with smooth precision; anytime, anywhere.

Time and Attendance Made Easy

TimeWorksPlus expedites time tracking so you can spend less time handling payroll. As your employees log time on their tablets, mobile phones, or computers; or with one of our plug-and-play time clocks; you’ll get rid of messy time sheets by dumping workforce data directly into your payroll processing platform.

Strategic Absence Management

Utilize attendance history to pinpoint trends, set warnings for violations, automate time-off requests, and measure the overall impact of unscheduled absences. Strategic absence management is indispensable for staying ahead of the financial consequences of unexpected time off.

Empower Employees

TimeWorks Mobile will offer your staff members total freedom to punch in/out and manage time from wherever they are while giving managers ultimate visibility. You’ll know who’s early, who’s late and who’s absent; and where they were when they clocked in.


Streamline your scheduling process and increase accountability
Advanced scheduling made easy

Minimize Confusion

Copy-and-Paste Templates

Drag-and-Drop Scheduling

Automated Compliance Features

Swap Shifts With Ease

Maximize Profit

Reduce Open-shift Fill Time

Overtime and Overstaffing Alerts

Employee Self-management

Fill Shifts With Best Candidates

Copy-and-Paste Templates

Set up standard shifts to expedite the scheduling process. Breeze through employee scheduling so you can focus on other responsibilities. Set up a standard schedule for each staff member, then just copy and paste it into each schedule period. From there, you can drag and drop shifts as much as you like, but you’ll already have the basic structure in place. It’s the optimal way to streamline the scheduling process.

Swap Shifts With Ease

Filling holes in the schedule becomes far less complicated with the TimeSimplicity Virtual Trade Board. Instead of waiting for managers to circulate requests on their behalf, associates simply enter requests on the online message board. Managers can rapidly see, monitor, and approve shift request changes online. Once a shift trade is approved, TimeSimplicity automatically informs the appropriate associates.

Simple and Fast

Replete with industry-leading features to take the edge off every tedious task, TimeSimplicity will have you assembling schedules in less time than your best employee spends on break. And with workflows that leverage your effort over and over again, you won’t spend time resenting the repetition and tedium traditionally inherent in scheduling.

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Arrange associate schedules with drag-and-drop simplicity. Changing shift start and end times is as simple as dragging and dropping with your mouse. Assembling work schedules has never been easier.

Save Time With Payroll Integration

Integrates seamlessly with Southland Data Processing’s
payroll system to save you time and effort.

Seamless Integration

Works With your Payroll System

Reduces Human Error

Saves Time

No Manual Entry

Easy Setup to Other Systems

Quick One-time Setup

Automated Exports Each Week

Load From Templates

Automated Reporting

Payroll Integration

Workforce Management Suite integrates seamlessly with your payroll system by syncing employee data between the systems. Employee time and attendance data in TimeWorksPlus is automatically reconciled with your payroll platform so you can process payroll just as easy as you can track time and attendance.

We use the latest in integration technology so that any HR or administrative system can be easily integrated to share time and attendance data with TimeWorksPlus.

Integration Made Easy

After a quick initial setup, Workforce Management Suite works with your payroll system to capture employee hours, calculate time cards, transfer the data to the payroll system, and process payroll – without any manual data entry!

If your HR staff has been manually entering employee hours from a time clock or paper time card system into your payroll platform, prepare to be amazed at how much time and money you will save by allowing TimeWorksPlus to transfer employee hours directly into your payroll service.

By preventing the inevitable human error inherent in manual processes, Workforce Management Suite ensures the integrity of your data. Audit-ready reports generated automatically help you maintain compliance with ACA and DOL regulations and protect you in case of a labor dispute.

TimeWorks Mobile

Workforce Management on the Go
Everywhere Access

Mobile Employees

Pinpoint GPS

Remote Clock In/Out

Variance Limits

Easy Break Logging

Remote Management

Cloud Based Savings

Manage From Anywhere

Track Attendance

Control Variance

TimeWorks Mobile

TimeWorks Mobile is the trusted mobile companion to TimeWorksPlus. It allows staff members to punch in or out via their mobile device, which means the necessary tracking of hours never skips a beat even while your team members are working off-site. And it delivers you the flexibility to handle employee time and schedules from the office, on the road, or in your home workspace.

Mobile Workforce Management

TimeWorks Mobile will empower your team and improve employee satisfaction. Workers can punch time in the field, manage their time cards, view their schedules, and even request time off from their phone or tablet. And you’ll be able to easily manage time cards and PTO requests from any mobile device.

Workforce Management Clock PunchLogic

PunchLogic prevents punch errors and cuts out duplicate punches to significantly reduce admin edits. By improving the accuracy of essential timekeeping data, employers are better safeguarded in case of an audit. You can sleep well at night knowing you have accurate, audit-ready timekeeping data that stands up to compliance obligations.

Workforce Management Clock Break Tracking

Break tracking gives employees dedicated break buttons and cuts out team member confusion when punching at the clock. By ensuring breaks are paid based upon hours worked, this tool protects against over payment for unauthorized breaks.

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