Holiday Reminder

Payroll Updates: Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2023 Day

Holiday Reminder

The Federal Reserve will be closed on Monday, October 9, 2023 in observance of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Although Southland Data Processing will be open, transfers will be pushed back a day for check dates on or after the holiday. Direct deposits will also not be live for payrolls with check dates on October 9, 2023.

For your employees to receive their pay by October 9, 2023, you should:

  • Change your check date to Friday, October 6, 2023
  • Send your payroll by 2:00 PM PT on Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Other affected check dates that will need to submit early:

  • Monday, October 9th – send payroll by 2:00 PM PT on Thursday, October 5th for employees to be paid Tuesday, October 10th
  • Tuesday, October 10th – send payroll by 2:00 PM PT on Thursday, October 5th
  • Wednesday, October 11th – send payroll by 2:00 PM PT on Friday, October 6th

We recommend you always check the Transfers section on your Payroll Summary report, which has the exact transfer amounts and dates.

As always, our team is here to help with any questions you have about your payroll or check dates. We’ll always pick up the phone, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.

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