Employee Needs are Driving New Payroll Trends


Access to earned wages is a growing trend, particularly among new employees entering the workplace. This sector of employees and their need to access earned wages prior to scheduled paydays is driven by desire, necessity, and an expectation of immediate compensation. For businesses who offer access to earned wages, this is proving to be a positive recruiting and employee retention tool.

Earned wage access is the ability for employees to access a portion of their already earned wages outside of a traditional pay cycle. Access to earned wages help employees meet unexpected expenses without having to pay late fees, compile bank overdraft fees, or result to predatory loans which can be extremely costly. It is a solution that also overcomes the need for a payday advance from the employer, who isn’t always in a position to advance payroll funds.

Offering earned wage access is a win-win solution for employers and employees alike. Businesses who offer a pay system that fits employee needs boosts the company culture by supporting and empowering employees, improves morale, increases productivity, and builds greater loyalty. Employees benefit with easy access to their earned wages. Whether this is due to a short-term cash flow challenge, emergency or unexpected expense, access to earned wages has proven to reduce employees’ financial stress and improve their overall outlook.

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