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Empowering Nonprofits for Success

Steve Mann

by Steve Mann, Director of Regional Sales

As an experienced payroll provider for the non-profit industry, Southland Data Processing has extensive experience in understanding your unique payroll needs and compliance requirements to ensure accurate processing and workforce management. We provide the support and resources necessary to help our non-profit clients focus on your mission and your important work, that ultimately seeks to improve our community and positively impact lives.

Compliance – We understand that non-profit organizations face specific compliance challenges, including complex tax regulations and reporting requirements. As your payroll partner, we are responsible for staying current with the latest laws and regulations to ensure accurate payroll calculations, filings and reporting, which can ultimately help your organization avoid costly penalties and audits.

Workforce Management & Benefits Administration – As with any organization, management of today’s workforce and meeting the needs of employees is a priority. Our wide range of workforce management tools include automated timekeeping to support in-office, hybrid and remote workers. Our timekeeping solutions help insure accurate payment of hours worked, management of break periods, and reduces the risk of inaccurate time reporting. Additionally, our simplified benefits administration makes managing benefits easy, is integrated with payroll, and offers several solutions including storing and reviewing plan documents, management of contribution levels, quick hire enrollment and more.

Cost-Effective Solutions – We take the time to understand each client and design a payroll solution specifically to address needs, challenges and create improvements. Our pricing structure is transparent, allowing you to allocate resources effectively while receiving maximum benefit. And, by outsourcing payroll, you are able to free-up valuable time and resources by streamlining payroll operations, reducing administrative burdens, and minimizing (and even eliminating) manual errors.

Unrivaled Customer Service – We pride ourselves on providing unrivaled customer service. Our knowledgeable payroll experts answer the phone during business hours – no voicemail or automated prompts. We answer questions quickly, provide guidance, and address concerns. We strive to build long term relationships and welcome the opportunity to participate in fundraising initiatives and support efforts. We care about our non-profit clients and the important work each organization does. By partnering with SDP, your organization aligns itself with a payroll provider that shares in the commitment to make a positive impact, dedication to supporting success, and helps to achieve your mission.

Integration and Scalability – Our payroll solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with other HR systems and software, providing a comprehensive and streamlined approach to workforce management. As your non-profit organization grows and evolves, our payroll services can scale accordingly, accommodating changes in employee count, payroll complexity, and reporting needs.

HR Support – In addition to our payroll, workforce management, and benefits solutions, Our HR experts offer an additional layer of relationship support. Our HR Division provides access to HR professionals to ensure compliance, reduce risk, and provide assistance with HR questions and needs.

We have a strong and proven track record of serving non-profit organizations. Our combination of payroll expertise in this sector, cost-effectiveness, compliance focus, dedication to responsive customer service, and commitment to each organization’s mission makes SDP the ideal payroll partner. We provide a complimentary evaluation of your current payroll processing structure. I invite you to meet with us today for a thorough review and to receive valuable insight on how we may help you ensure your payroll resources are being allocated for your maximum benefit.

If you’d like to schedule a time to meet and discuss your payroll and workforce management needs, please contact Steve Mann at [email protected] or by calling 909.946.2032. You may also schedule a virtual consultation with Steve here.

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