Micro Business Payroll Calendar Tips



Businesses with less than 10 employees, also known as a “Micro Business” or “Microenterprise,” are wise to be organized and maintain that work ethic. Without a lot of employees to delegate tasks, micro business owners tend to “Wear a lot of hats,” and have countless responsibilities.

Creating an organized payroll system is just one way to ensure your employees are paid on time, efficiently and accurately.

A payroll calendar can help business owners provide transparency and predictability for employees, help manage cash flow, and make it easy to input payroll.

A payroll calendar is a schedule for paying employees. Your payroll calendar should include pay periods and pay dates for the year. Your payroll calendar may also include timesheet deadlines, payroll processing dates, holiday reminders and pay frequency.

The benefits of organizing your payroll calendar include cash flow management, employee communications, compliance and internal operations control.

Cash flow can be a challenge for any business, regardless of size or how many employees, as unplanned expenses happen. Establishing a payroll calendar helps view and manage pending liabilities and avoid surprises. It can also help you manage other fixed expenses, such as rent, utilities and equipment, and determine an optimal payment schedule based on your cash flow.

Employee communications are essential for all organizations. Employees need to know when they will be paid and what to expect, especially if holidays impact their pay day. A payroll calendar provides transparency and predictability to help employees plan their own personal finances.

Compliance with state laws is a crucial factor for successful business operations. Setting up a payroll calendar will ensure compliance and reduce stress and burden on the business owner.

Internal operations control keeps business organized, improves accounting accuracy and helps avoid mistakes. Payroll calendars also make it easier to outsource your payroll tasks to SDP, as your payroll partner.

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