Yo-Ho-Ho! We’re Talking Like Pirates!

Pirate Captain RenitaAhoy Me Hearties! September 19th is “International Talk Like a Pirate Day.” This is the best day to have some fun, speak like a pirate and talk about finding some buried treasure!

Today is also me’ birthday, so please join me as we celebrate with a little pirate-themed fun. Being fun, energetic and enthusiastic is one of my favorite of the Shared Mindset at SDP and it’s always awesome to share this side of our company with you.

Avast ye! (Translation: Pay attention and check this out!) One of our many treasures at SDP are the partnerships we share to improve business operations for our clients. Companies such as ZayZoon who offer employees access to their earned wages, Payro for payroll funding, and Signature Bank’s Signet Instant Payroll product are making access to payroll easier and improving business operations for our clients and their employees. Contact us anytime you’d like more information on these services. Learning more is like…finding buried treasure!

It’s fun to share me’ birthday with such a festive day and incorporate a little “Pirate Lingo” into our work. Our Buccaneers around the office enjoy the light-hearted banter and are all very knowledgeable about our partner relationships. Please contact us anytime and experience our unrivaled service because…

Aye, the bounty is plentiful!

Our commitment is to offer the best products and services to improve and enhance our clients’ business operations. We are on the lookout for new opportunities and look forward to launching several new initiatives soon.

So, as I celebrate me’ birthday, talk like a pirate, and share the cheer with our team, please know we have all hands on deck, we are shipshape, and shiver me timbers…I’m another year older!

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