Boost Your Hiring Practices

now hiringWhen you find the right candidate to fill a position, consider these best practices to boost your organization’s hiring success.

Consider soft skills.  Education is important but soft skills are crucial, such as communication, creativity and adaptability.  These are the skills that cannot be easily taught and are often critical to long-term success of the employee. Many organizations utilize personality assessments designed for businesses to gain insight into a candidate’s compatibility with the team and company at large.  Gaining insight before hiring can help avoid unnecessary turnover and determining if a candidate aligns with the organization’s values.

Maintain a current image on job sites. Keep job postings updated with any new information that pertains to the roles you are seeking to fill.  Be sure to remove filled postings and communicate to applicants that the job selection process is closed.  You will also want to manage on-line reviews. Respond to reviews in a timely manner.  Encourage your organization’s existing team members to post reviews as a way to present information on workplace culture. The reviews speak to your organization’s reputation and may affect the quality of applications you receive.

Offer total compensation information up-front.  In additional to pay, offer details about any performance bonuses, profit sharing, 401k contributions, paid time-off, medical benefits and any other compensation-related information.  Most prospective employees make decisions based on compensation so you will want to be as thorough as possible.

Hiring isn’t an exact science. However, being organized and having all of these elements in place will help find the right talent to fill your organization’s job openings.

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