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Best said by Mother Teresa, “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” Smiles are a symbol of friendship and peace. They have the power to immediately diffuse tense situations and spread positivity. But what about people who can’t smile? Whether from a serious accident, changes over time, or the effects of medication or aging, a broken smile can have a devastating impact on one’s confidence and personal wellbeing.

For this month’s Client Spotlight, we sat down with Genaro Guerra, the Director of Operations at Cunning Dental Group. A pioneer in the dental industry, Cunning Dental Group is in the business of helping their clients have the smiles of their dreams.

A Classic Family Business

Founded in Montclair in 1968, Cunning Dental Group is a family-owned, full-service dentistry practice with an on-site dental laboratory. With the help and support of his team and family, Dr. Cunning has offered patients beautiful, quality dentistry for over 50 years. His parents worked in the office for 30 years, with his mother in accounting and his father as a laboratory technician. Just down the hall, Dr. Cunning’s wife Charlotte spent 26 years welcoming thousands of patients at the front desk with her beautiful personality and smile. Even his children Keith and Kerry are involved, working in the on-site dental laboratory and as a dental hygienist for over 30 years each. It’s a classic family business.

But if you’re like the Cunnings, then you know “family” doesn’t just mean blood. Over the years, Dr. Cunning has always made a point to invest in the local community. As a result of his ongoing support and engagement with the Chambers of Commerce, police departments, sheriffs, and military, Cunning Dental Group has developed a reputation as a beloved local partner. As a matter of fact, Dr. Cunning even received the Montclair Key to the City at their 50th-anniversary celebration this past October!

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Secrets for Success

The team of dentists and specialists at Cunning Dental Group specializes in “Teeth in 1 Day”, dental implants, full mouth reconstruction, sedation dentistry, brace to bridges, cavities to crowns, and even standard oral care cleanings. And as you can see above, their work is amazing!

Extensive knowledge and resources are by far one of Cunning Dental’s driving factors of success. And as a result, they’re often able to help in situations that would be beyond the scope of other offices. A testament to their success, Cunning Dental Group just opened a third office in San Diego last September. Having opened their second office in Irvine in 2017, the team is proud of their successes so far.

Further, they’re excited for even more potential growth down the line. Guerra expressed that his goals for Cunning Dental Group in 2019 are to continue to grow the business and offer high-quality dentistry in all 3 locations. With a strong sense of company culture and a clear mission, Guerra believes the business is perfectly positioned for success.

It’s 2019 and we continue to offer the most advanced dental products and services in the industry. And having all 15 dentists and specialists working together under one roof allows us to be more competitive and help even more people.

Why SDP?

A happy client of Southland Data Processing for over 11 years, Guerra loves that SDP makes payroll painless. Their team is able to process payroll quickly and efficiently, and knows that our support team is there to help every step of the way.

As Cunning Dental Group has grown to over 100 employees across their 3 locations, it’s been important to have a partner to grow with them. Guerra shares,

SDP has been very accommodating with our unique business structure. They have been nimble and adaptable as we have grown, and we feel that they are a great partner to our business.

As we always say, we’re in the people business. And as Cunning Dental Group knows, our goal is to always put our clients first. Whether it’s helping sort through the bureaucracy of new legislation or simply getting employees paid on time, it’s our mission to serve every client with unrivaled performance.

Smile With Us!

So whether you’re looking for where to have your next routine cleaning or are considering more extensive work, we hope you’ll choose Cunning Dental Group for your next visit. As a special treat, Cunning Dental is offering a FREE X-ray and exam (a $350 value!) to our readers.* So what are you waiting for? Say yes to a more beautiful smile today!


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