Workplace Wellness – Creating a Culture of Health

Workplace wellness often refers to a health campaign or team activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle.  This may involve something fun like a team-building “Walk at Work” campaign or a healthy eating potluck.  Whether it’s for a day or a week, making employee’s wellness is a healthy priority that can have a positive impact on business operations and morale.

Adopting a policy designed to support healthy behavior among employees improves health outcomes. And, businesses are seeing a positive result from implementing these permanent workplace wellness initiatives.  So much so that such activities are becoming a part of the company culture.

Workplace wellness has been expanded in recent years and continues to be a component of employee-centric initiates to create a culture of health at the workplace and can easily be implemented to include remote employees.

Some ideas for wellness initiatives include diverse activities such as:

  • On-site health education/fairs and free medical screenings
  • Health and weight loss coaching
  • Stress management
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Wellness communications
  • On-site fitness programs and facilities and/or health club memberships
  • On-site kitchens and healthy food options
  • Company wellness competitions
  • Mobile and web-based education and social platforms
  • Financial and other incentives for wellness participation
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