7 Tips for Organizing an Office Donation Drive

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Have you ever thought of conducting an office donation drive? It’s an easy, low-stress way for businesses to help people in the community, gain a reputation for compassion and community service, and engage employees–all while encouraging teamwork outside a stressful work environment.

If you’re considering a donation drive, here are a few tips to keep in mind!

1. Fill The Right Need

Call local donation centers to see what items are most needed. These places may have a surplus of some items, but be in great need of others. They’ll be able to tell you which is which so you can conduct a drive that truly benefits the community.

2. Stay Mindful of Cost

Consider the costs of items needed and the finances of your employees. Employees who make less money or have less ability to give may feel excluded if the requested donations are on the expensive side.

3. Sort Out the Details

Determine the logistics of the drive. You’ll need a location on-site to place collection bins—preferably a spacious and high-traffic area. The bins will need to be visible, easily accessible, and clearly marked. And you’ll need to coordinate transportation of the donated items to wherever they need to go. Some collection centers may be able to pick up items. However, others may need you to deliver the goods.

4. Talk It Up

Promote the drive through your standard communication channels. Although a week’s notice is good, a couple weeks’ notice might be better. Once the drive is underway, the donation bins will likely do the promotional work for you as long as they’re visible and clearly marked.

That said, if the deadline is approaching and it appears that not many employees have participated, a company-wide reminder email or announcement may be in order. Procrastination is common, and if employees aren’t warned that they’re almost out of time, they may miss their window of opportunity.

5. No Participation-Shaming

Some employees may choose not to participate. That’s okay! Don’t single anyone out based on their level of participation.

6. Build Camaraderie

Take the drive as an opportunity to build camaraderie among your employees. Give them a collective goal, encourage them along the way, and afterwards let them know how well they did.

7. Show Appreciation

Thank everyone who donated or otherwise participated in the drive. People like to be recognized for what they’ve done, even if the recognition wasn’t their motivation. And be sure to share any feedback you receive from the donation center or others in the community.

What do you think?

Ready to give your own office donation drive a go? If you’re in the local area, consider donating to our friends over at Foothill Family Shelter’s Thanksgiving Baskets! All donations are due by November 13th by 12:00 PM, so you still have time! You can learn more about this amazing opportunity to give here.

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