Boost Your Recruiting Practices

RecruitingRecruiting is an ongoing process to attract the most talented employees into your organization.  To get the most out of your recruiting process, consider these best practices.

Involve your team.  Set-up a time with prospects to meet a variety of members from your organization. This should include leadership, a long-standing employee, potential co-worker, human resources or anyone else that the candidate may be interacting with regularly.  Get feedback from both sides.  This will help determine if the addition to your team is a good fit.

Ask for referrals from current employees.  Existing employees are great brand ambassadors for your organization and one of the best recruiting tools.  Some organizations offer a bonus for employee referrals to encourage this effort. The bonus is typically paid after the referred employee is hired and employed for a certain period of time. (90 days, for example.)

Promote your workplace culture.  Company culture is very important.  Prospective employees are interested in more than salary.  They want to feel that their work matters, enjoy a good life-work balance, receive rewards for performance, and enjoy flexibility that may involve working remotely…just to name a few. Include photos and captions of your “Work in Action” on social sites such as LinkedIn, encourage employees to write positive reviews on job sites such as Indeed, and be sure to have a “Careers” page on your organization’s website.  Your Careers page should include the attributes an employee can expect to enjoy from employment with your organization.

Be sure to have an attractive benefits package to help retain long after hiring. Details should be readily available and part of the recruitment conversation.  Be prepared to discuss every aspect of your organization’s benefits including health insurance costs, 401k eligibility, and paid time off. If there is a scheduled review, promotion and pay increase program, these are also great items to discuss forthright because it speaks to the investment your organization makes to recognize and reward performance.

Training, development, and educational support programs are also positive recruitment tools as your organization seeks to add talent. Telling recruits about the organization’s commitment to ongoing learning and professional growth is attractive and conveys the potential for improving both professionally and personally.

Your organization is unique and there is a special story to tell.  Being organized in the recruitment process and having all of these elements in place will help attract the people you want to have on your team.

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