How to Run Your W-2 Edit Report

w2 tax form preparation at year-end

As a best practice, we recommend employers verify W2 information for all employees each year including social security numbers, correct name spelling, and address.

If you are an SDP client, then you can run employee verification reports online using our W2 Edit Report. Don’t forget to review this critical information, especially as the IRS has been increasing its enforcement of Accuracy Penalties!

How To Run Your W2 Edit Report

To run your W2 Edit Report, begin by launching the Reporting module from your SDP Connect Admin Portal. 

reporting module in sdp connect


Then, click on the Standard Reports tab at the top of the page. If you do not already have the W2 Edit Report listed, then click +Add Report to add it. 

standard reports tab in sdp connect showing which button to click to add a new report


In the dialogue box that appears, begin typing W2 Edit Report until the report name populates in the dropdown. Click on the report from the dropdown menu, then click Ok. 

w2 edit report selection


After this, you will receive a confirmation message that the report was added successfully. Click OK to continue. 

dialogue box showing users to click "OK" when report is successfully added


Once the report has been added to your list of standard reports, select it from your list. (If you just added the report, it will be at the bottom of your list!) Once you click on the report name, scroll up to the top of the page to configure your report:

  • The report is not date-driven, so date selection is not necessary.
  • Output format selection should be set to PDF.

Once ready, select Run Report.

Top Tip: Make sure you have any popup blockers turned off as this will prevent your report from downloading! 


w2 edit report configuration in sdp connect


Check it off your To-Do List! 

Congratulations, you’ve officially run your W2 Edit Report! Be sure to carefully review this information and make any changes in the system before you process your last payroll of the year. For more resources as you complete your Year-End tasks, feel free to check out:

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