4 Employee Appreciation Ideas To Motivate Your Team

employee appreciation ideas to boost morale

How often do you say “thanks” to your team? Daily, occasionally, during an annual review? Employee appreciation initiatives are growing in popularity for businesses across the US, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas to actually make things happen.

If you ask us, saying thanks and showing appreciation should be an everyday occurrence. To get you started, here are 4 ideas to create a culture of employee appreciation in your own workplace!

Involve employees in the big decisions and strategic planning of your organization

First, ask employees what they think about your company’s direction. Specifically, talk about the future of the company with them. (And don’t forget to also bring up their place within that future!)

Consider what they have to say and give them credit for their input. By doing this, you show your employees that they’re important to you and to the success of the organization.

Invest in your employees

Offer opportunities for advancement. If promotions aren’t possible, then help employees up-level their skills and learn new ones.

Provide coaching and training sessions—or cover the costs of outside services. Employees will feel appreciated when they can see that you care about their professional development.

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Regularly recognize employee achievements

Next, don’t wait for performance reviews or end-of-year events to give employees the recognition they deserve. Use whatever electronic communication system you have in place to speak well of your employees and their achievements.

Perhaps institute a peer-recognition program in which employees can praise each other for jobs well done and identify behaviors that led to their success.

Say “thank you” every day

Finally, remember that how managers behave sets the tone for the workplace. For example, regularly saying “thank you” fosters a more welcoming and respectful environment and helps employees know that they’re appreciated.

Appreciation can be given in many ways, but whether you show it through engagement, involvement, investment, or recognition, you’ll be making gratitude a key value of your workplace culture.


What do you think?

How do you show employee appreciation? Let us know in the comments below if you try any of the above ideas!

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