Capturing October’s Memorable Moments

Renita Bess– by Renita Bess, President, CEO & “Head Cheerleader”

The month of October presents several opportunities to celebrate, commemorate and collaborate. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Filipino American History Month. The Halloween holiday also offers morale-boosting and team-building fun, while we also take this time to highlight our strategic partnership with PAYRO all month long. October is a busy time and it is always my pleasure to share how we use these events to fulfill our mission at SDP, which is to “…serve our partners with unrivaled performance to inspire and create a positive impact.”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a time for people worldwide to show their support for everyone affected by breast cancer. TEAM SDP recently came together for this cause by participating in the “Barbells for Boobs” event. This event supports education to incorporate physical activity as the foundation for breast cancer risk reduction, treatment, and survivorship. Our team gathered with other supporters at a local Cross Fit training center to compete and power-lift weights. We are honored to show our support for current breast cancer warriors and survivors and remember those we have lost. I invite you to visit any of our social channels to see photos of the event. And more importantly, I encourage you and those you love to make breast cancer screening a priority. Early detection dramatically increases the successful treatment of this disease.  To my friends, family and SDP colleagues who have experienced or are currently on this breast cancer journey…please know I love and support you from the bottom of my heart.

As a Filipino American, celebrating Filipino American History Month is something I enjoy sharing. Moving to the greatest country in the world was a dream I don’t even remember having. I immigrated to the United States from the Philippines in 1981 at the age of ten. I have fond memories of my cousin’s family and the Filipino community in San Diego. The family had many birthday parties, weekend trips, and holidays where we would enjoy “The Four F’s – Family, Food, Fellowship & Fun.” Our culture views these elements as the recipe for a fulfilling life. As a Filipino American attending Cal-Poly Pomona, I was able to share the Filipino culture through the Barkada Club. The Barkada Club was a social club on campus for those who wanted to experience the Filipino culture. We would showcase our Filipino singing and dancing talents during Filipino Cultural Night. It would be a theater production consisting of a story that wove in the Filipino traditional folk dances like Tinikling (bamboo stick dance), Singkil (double bamboo stick dance), or Eskrima (Filipino Martial Arts).  As I got older, I realized that whenever I mentioned that I was of the Filipino ethnicity with others, they would be so excited to share their love of our food, such as lumpia, pancit and adobo.  Those are my favorites too! If you are ever curious about my Filipino heritage, “tanungin mo lang ako.” Translation –  ask me about it. Thank you for joining me in celebrating Filipino American History Month. It has certainly been my pleasure to share with you.

With the Halloween holiday approaching, the SDP office is abuzz with chatter about how we will celebrate. We love an office party and I always enjoy a theme! Several of our team members get creative with their office décor and costumes and bring treats to share. I haven’t seen any tricks yet, but I’m sure a few people are plotting for the big day! We love to capture these fun moments about our culture on our social media channels and I think it’s relevant to point out that these morale-boosting activities are important. I believe creating an atmosphere of fun inspires enthusiasm for the workplace, a passion for solid job performance, and builds strong company loyalty, to name a few. We believe this translates to happy employees and an affinity to exceed our clients’ service expectations. We recently published a BLOG entitled, “Autumn Team Building Ideas.” I encourage you to read it and join us in implementing these fun ideas during the autumn season.

Maintaining strong strategic partnerships to expand client offerings is an important business strategy for SDP. We look for opportunities to partner with payroll-related services so that our clients have every opportunity to improve their business operations. PAYRO is a terrific example of this and our featured partner for October. PAYRO is a company that helps small businesses with payroll funding. For those businesses who experience seasonal challenges, cash flow constrictions due to supply chain demands, and who need occasional assistance without using a conventional loan or savings account, PAYRO is a viable alternative. You will see information about PAYRO throughout the month and we have a webinar scheduled for October 25th. I invite you to attend and learn more about this unique service.

Thank you for the opportunity to share. October is a busy time full of worthy, inspiring events to build awareness, make memories, and have some fun. As always, my best to you for the season. I hope you enjoy every moment.

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