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As business owners, we’re always looking for more ways to grow and flourish professionally. That means increasing business for our organizations, networking with others who will build us up, and engaging the local community. But do we always take advantage of all the resources available to us to achieve these goals?

For this month’s SDP Client Spotlight, we sat down with Silvia Melendez and Dorothy Cruz of the San Dimas Chamber of Commerce. Read on to learn more about the impact of these women alongside the Chamber board, members, and sponsors. Together, they work towards building a strong local economy through networking, marketing, advocacy, education, and so much more.

111 Years and Counting…

Founded 111 years ago in 1909 as the Board of Trade, the San Dimas Chamber of Commerce was created to help establish the San Dimas community. Upon its inception, the organization started out working on projects including developing roads and providing clean water.

In 1914, the Board of Trade became the San Dimas Chamber of Commerce, altering its role slightly. However, when the city of San Dimas finally incorporated in 1960 and many of the Chamber’s responsibilities shifted to the city, its role changed more dramatically.

Since then, the Chamber has found its current focus of promoting business growth and the community. Following this vision, the Chamber continues to flourish to this day by concentrating on civic and community events as well as supporting member businesses.

Why Join the Chamber?

In addition to its many events, the Chamber of Commerce also functions as a liaison between the community and local businesses. They provide ongoing support, city news updates, professional development opportunities, and recognition to increase business for their members.

Further, the Chamber provides significant support for its members they would not otherwise receive. For example, conducting ribbon cuttings to provide recognition to new businesses in the city.

Beyond simply promoting member businesses, the San Dimas Chamber really seeks to build a partnership with each of its members. Cruz explains,

When you join a chamber, you have to dedicate yourself to the group. People get the misconception that all they have to do is become a member for their business to grow, but if you don’t join the community, your business won’t grow. There’s opportunity for everyone. If you put in the time, you will see results.

Looking to 2020

Working so closely with the city of San Dimas, it’s easy to think the Chamber is a department of local government. However, this is not the case. Instead, the Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, voluntary organization of professionals dedicated to the economic well-being of the community.

While that may mean you can’t call the Chamber office to pay your water bill, it does mean some exciting other things. Looking ahead to 2020, the Chamber aims to continue expanding its community outreach and member partnerships.

They have several big events planned for the year, including their 60th annual Birthday BBQ in August and the 4th annual Wine Walk in October. Additionally, they are excited to announce a new upcoming series of business workshops and seminars. To sum it up, Melendez shares,

We’re here to help the business community grow and the local community thrive–that’s what we’re all about.

Why SDP?

A client of Southland Data Processing’s for the past two years, Melendez reports:

I have had nothing but great experiences with your team. Honestly, it’s such a simple, self-explanatory system.

She recalls her onboarding experience fondly, describing the SDP team as patient and helpful, willing to answer any questions as they walked her through the process.

In addition to payroll processing, the San Dimas Chamber team has also taken advantage of SDP’s HR resources and onboarding services.

You guys have resources that we utilize to bring in new employees, and we’re still using them to this day. Even before we began hiring, we went in and saw the steps, the things we should ask, the things we shouldn’t ask… It was very easy.”

From payroll to HR to hiring, Melendez and Cruz can agree: working with SDP has definitely helped make payroll painless for the San Dimas Chamber of Commerce.

Are You a Member?

Are you looking to get your business more involved in the community? Then the Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start! With 350 member businesses across all industries, the Chamber is the best place to get involved and make a name for your business.

You can learn more about the San Dimas Chamber of Commerce and membership benefits at the Chamber website here.

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