The Benefits of Paperless Onboarding

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Going paperless is still a thing, right? When it comes to managing employees and employee data, this shift should be fairly high on a company’s priority list. Done right, the transition can provide massive time savings, add an extra layer of compliance protection, and help make a positive impact on the environment. (Cue the warm fuzzies.)

But as much as it feels good to do good, let’s be honest–there’s more incentive to going paperless than just “going green.” When you think about your onboarding processes, can you confidently say you have the right forms for each employee? What about the unique deadlines of each form, are they being met? If not, it may not be long before you find yourself with a new friend: an auditor. By switching to a paperless system, staying current with onboarding forms and deadlines is not only easy, but also less worrisome. Here’s why you may want to consider it…

1. Automation

With paperless onboarding, you can easily automate assigning, tracking, and maintaining your new hire paperwork. View the status and due date of each form with a single click, and receive messages if any additional action is required. The benefits go beyond your employee’s first few days with the company, though. Secure digital records allow both employees and employers to easily refer back to the material at any time as needed, which means no more frantically digging through file cabinets for missing forms!

2. Simplification

How do you keep track of all the documents you need from your new hires? Do you have a paperwork checklist? Or just wing it? With everything you have on your plate, the last thing you need is a confusing pile of papers to bog you down even more. And on your new hire’s first day, putting all of their energy into navigating through an encyclopedia of forms will only take their focus away from more important information and slow their learning curve. Implementing a standardized digital process simplifies the onboarding process for you and your new hire, resulting in a win-win on all sides.

3. Cost Savings

When was the last time you checked how much onboarding was costing your organization? Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the number of hours and amount of paper it can take to put together hard-copy onboarding packets adds up pretty quickly! It can easily cost over $10 per packet of onboarding material. And that’s before factoring in administrative costs or liability costs from out of date, incorrect, or missing forms. By switching to a paperless onboarding system, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never waste another dime on paper or inefficient labor use to create your onboarding packages. Plus, you’ll minimize your risk of an audit or costly lawsuit.

4. Personalization

First impressions are everything. That’s especially the case when it comes to today’s job market, where attracting and retaining top talent is more challenging than ever. Put your best foot forward with a paperless onboarding system to give your new hire the best first-day paperwork experience of their career. Personal messages and customization make your employee feel seen and valued. And with today’s increasingly tech-savvy job pool, new hires will greatly appreciate the user-friendly digital interface over a paper packet.

5. Compliance

When it comes to paperless onboarding, compliance is where the rubber really hits the road. Our “set it and forget it” onboarding templates mean stress-free compliance, increased accuracy, and helpful oversight. Going paperless also ensures a consistent and compliant process, every time. And by having your employee upload their own documents and enter their own information, you immediately reduce your risk of human error in transcribing information.

Unsure if your forms or handbook policies are up-to-date? That’s why we offer all of our clients complimentary access to our HR Support Center. From there, all you have to do is enter the name of the form, document, or policy in the search bar to receive up-to-date and compliant documentation to add to your employee handbook or onboarding package.

Ready for onboarding made easy?

Interested in learning more about making the switch to paperless onboarding? Join our complimentary webinar “Tools for Success in Onboarding” to learn more about how to implement an effective onboarding strategy and the tools available to minimize your workload during the onboarding process. Register here while seats are still available!

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