Business Spring Cleaning: Tips to Improve Your Payroll & HR Processes

woman dusting mirror to symbolize payroll & hr spring cleaning tips for your business

Spring cleaning is a long-held tradition to minimize clutter, freshen up your space, and keep your home tidy. But these same principles can also be applied to your business! Below are some of our favorite payroll & HR spring cleaning tips to keep your business running smoothly all year long.

Clean the windows

Having a clear view of what’s going on in your business is so critical to success. But when was the last time you thought twice about your current analytics and reporting? Get a better look by:

  • Brushing up on Reporting in SDP Connect and how to pull all the employee and pay data you need
  • Taking advantage of SDP Time for real-time analytics on who’s working, overtime, and break-tracking
  • Utilizing a task management system that gives you a birds-eye view of progress towards goals and projects across your entire organization

Donate the excess

Spring cleaning is also the perfect opportunity to identify things that are no longer serving your business. That could be policies, procedures, or even a particular product or service that’s not meeting your ROI needs. Here are a few ideas to start:

  • Review and update internal documentation to make sure it reflects current processes
  • Identify 3 of your most time-consuming processes and brainstorm with your team how to improve them. For example, can you use delegation, automation, or redistribute the workload to be more efficient?
  • “Marie Kondo” your operations–with a twist! Instead of asking, “Does this spark joy?” Ask yourself, “Is this fair, consistent, and scalable?” If not, consider making changes to improve the process. (Shout-out to SDP’s Director of Operations Cherrise Newman for the fair-consistent-scalable test!)

Replace old and worn items

Out with the old and in with the new, right? After you’ve removed or amended any inefficient elements of your business, consider where you can invest to add value. A great question to ask yourself is, “what will move the needle most for my business?” A few sample goals could be:

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Tidy up each room

Next, it’s time to “tidy up” the individual components of your business. If need be, you may also need to “reorganize” or shuffle some things or people around. To get started, you can:

Change your smoke detector batteries

Lastly, don’t forget about the “important but non-urgent” tasks that are designed to proactively protect your business. These tasks are usually the first to be neglected. However, they’re also the tasks that have the biggest impact on reducing the number of “fires” you’ll have to put out later on. When we think of these “smoke detector” tasks, a few that come to mind include:

  • Committing to creating or updating your employee handbook – this should be reviewed on at least an annual basis (ideally bi-annually)
  • Making sure all of your employee information is up-to-date – you should confirm names, addresses, and SSNs with employees at least once a year to avoid errors and costly amendments down the line
  • Undergoing an HR audit – If you feel you may be out of touch with employment laws, have run into legal trouble in the past, or just underwent a major change in your company (moving out of state, opening a new location, surge in employee count, etc.), conducting a mock HR audit to identify your blind spots can be invaluable in protecting your business
  • Updating your job descriptions – the hiring pool is constantly changing! We recommend reviewing and updating your job descriptions on an annual basis to stay relevant and competitive so you can keep attracting top talent

Top Tip: SDP’s HR Complete service can be turned on or off as needed throughout your business lifecycle. We recommend organizations with 15+ employees turn this on every 3-4 years for a few months of maintenance to undergo the included HR audit and make sure you’re still on track compliance-wise!

Let’s Talk

We hope you enjoyed these spring cleaning tips for your business! Although springtime is a great natural reminder to do some “spring cleaning”, you don’t need to wait for spring to do maintenance on your payroll and HR processes.

If you need any assistance streamlining the admin side of your business, then let’s talk! And don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for even more business tips and news.

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